How to make $1.8 million by investing $10 a day in the Australian stock market

We all know that investing matters. We know that compound interest helps build wealth. And we know procrastination doesn’t help.

But there is a difference between knowing something and actually acting on it.

to me, true money success It means replacing your (current or ideal) salary with investment income.

How to replace income with investment

In Australia, the average salary as of May 2022 is $92,029. A rough rule of thumb to calculate how much money you need for this payroll replacement investment is to multiply this amount by 20 (or divide by 5%). $1,840,592.

5 percent is Australian stock market returns 9.8% over 30 yearsAssuming a 2.3% deduction for fees and taxes and a 2.5% deduction for long-term inflation, the total usable return is 5%.

It gets a little technical (I should stress that this is an approximation), but basically it takes into account taxes and fees and inflation, so investment portfolio At $1,840,592 today, you will earn approximately $92,029 over the next 12 months. Second, this income is indexed to inflation, so you can forever receive the same income in real dollars each year without eating up your original capital.

If your investment account started with $0 today, If you save and invest $10.10 every day at age 20and then reinvest all your income (dividends in stocks), and by the time you’re 60, you’ll have invested a total of $1,840,592.

if you start investing at 30you need to increase your daily investment to $27.72 to reach the same point. wait until you’re 40, your daily investment should increase to $81.11. If you wait until you’re 50, you’ll need a massive investment of $296.38 per day to reach the same end goal of $1,840,592.

This shows the power of getting time, but it also shows the power of getting started.

See what’s here. Most people think about investing and know they should invest, but they falter when it comes to doing it. It’s easy to put this off for tomorrow that never seems to come.

If you fall into the trap of inaction, you are missing an opportunity to start building serious money momentum. And ultimately, you’re forced to catch up later, saving and sacrificing more to get the same results.

Steps for a successful investment:

understand compound interest

The power of time and money is magical. You don’t need much to get started. The power of consistent compounding interest over time produces serious consequences.

A lot of people talk about compound interest, but I think most people understand that it’s a “thing”. You can use a simple compound interest calculator like this: Moneysmart version of ASIC See what effect the concoction actually has.

Fire up your calculator and use the Australian stock market return of 9.8% over 30 years to find out how your investment would grow if you invested at different interest rates each week. You will be amazed at the power of compound interest. This will increase your motivation to invest more.

set a goal

Once you understand what you can realistically do with your investment, the next step is to set clear goals. Knowing what you’re aiming for and setting expectations for when it will happen should give you a lot of confidence in what you’re doing with your money. It also increases your motivation to carry out your plans and achieve the desired results.

If you’re new to goals or in the early stages of your money journey, it’s a good idea to keep your first few goals small and not too far off. This means that there are some milestones to celebrate the progress you’ve made.

set investment strategy

Once you know what you want to invest in and what you’re working toward, you need to understand what you’re actually investing in. The main choice here is whether to invest actively or passively, and the right choice will have a significant impact on your results over time.

Statistics show that passive index investments outperform 95% of the time, so this can be a good starting point to start with confidence.

Also remember that the strategy you choose today doesn’t necessarily have to be followed forever. So it’s more powerful to start than to be perfect.

Once you start investing, you can start learning more and use that knowledge to improve your approach over time.

Please select a platform

As for where you should actually invest your money, there are many options such as ETFs by online brokers, micro-investments, stocks and managed funds.

Although there are differences between these various types of investments and platforms, the practical impact is rather small. The cost is about the same across options. Access to investments is pretty similar. And the tax consequences are pretty similar.

This may be a bit controversial for my peers in personal finance, but what this really means is that whether you choose to use an ETF, managed fund, or micro-investment platform, you can actually is not that big of a difference. Early days of building your wealth.

So, if you don’t see much difference between your options, spend a lot of time and instead of focusing on finding the best platform for your investment return, focus on what type of investment aligns with your investment strategy. I can. This gives you access to the investment style you want, an account that is easy to open, easy to use, and easy to automate recurring investments.

From my point of view, if you are new to investing, micro investing is probably the easiest place to start. These platforms offer a sophisticated user experience and allow you to set up an account on your smartphone and start investing instantly.

If you get stuck at this stage, look for expert advice to help you get started. This is multiplied.

let’s start

After following the above steps, turn your ideas into results and start investing. If you’re nervous, you can start small, but the key is to actually start.

Investing is a skill, an action, a habit, a muscle that you build over time. The sooner you start, the sooner you can flex your muscles and build your investment knowledge and confidence.


Investing is the key to not being forced to work forever and is an important part of being successful with money.

But compound interest either works for you or works against you. The longer you wait to start harnessing the power of compound interest, the more likely you are to fall behind. But on the flip side, when compound interest works well, it quickly starts to build momentum and can be leveraged to make the next step easier.

Ben Nash is a financial expert commentator, podcaster and financial advisor. pivot wealth,host how to be successful with money Author of Podcasts and Amazon Best Selling Books’get stuck

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is general and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Therefore, before acting on any information, you should consider whether it is appropriate for your situation and, if appropriate, seek professional advice from a financial professional.

How to make $1.8 million by investing $10 a day in the Australian stock market

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