How will the ARIA Awards work in 2020?

ARIA will continue to be valid in 2020, but the appearance will be slightly different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian Music Awards night, scheduled for November 25, has been revamped to comply with New South Wales health restrictions. Sadly, it means there is no audience.

The September announcement of the 34th ARIA Awards going on followed the cancellation of Helpmans on the night of the Logie and Theater Awards earlier this year. The film and television award, AACTA, will also be held twice in late November.

How will ARIA work in 2020?

Similar to last week’s Emmy Awards, the ARIA Awards combine live award presentations and performances, pre-recorded footage, and live crosses to non-participating musicians and public figures (imagine Victorian people). I will.

ARIA CEO Dan Rosen Sydney Morning Herald: “We know that when the border is closed, artists who can’t come will be nominated, so go to them for a performance and make sure they’re available in the video when announcing the winners. . “

Why are you holding ARIA in 2020?

Dan also explained Sydney Morning Herald Why it was decided to hold an annual homemade music festival. “Last year we showed that music and musicians, including wildfires and COVID, were a very important way to deal with and overcome these difficult times,” he said. “These awards will emphasize that.”

In a 2020 ARIA press release, Dan added:[W]We celebrate the resilience, strength and friendship that our artists and the music industry have shown throughout 2020, and celebrate the success of the Australian music industry both locally and globally. ”

Where will ARIA in 2020 be held?

Live presentations of awards and performances will continue to take place in The Star, Sydney, but pre-recorded footage and live crosses are expected from around the country.

How does COVID-19 affect 2020 ARIA?

Theaters, cinemas and concert halls increased their capacity by 50% last month to a maximum of 1000 people, but corporate events cannot exceed 300 people and the rule of every 4 square meters is applied. It could be part of the reason for the lack of audience this year, even among the musicians themselves. Anyone attending to give or perform an award must act according to social distance measurements and the COVID Safe Plan.

In addition to venue restrictions, ARIA must also address state border restrictions, such as hotel quarantine regulations and the closed border between New South Wales and Victoria.

Who will be nominated for ARIA in 2020?

The ARIA nominations were announced in October at Brook Bonnie’s virtual season launch of the ARIA YouTube channel. Records released between September 2019 and September 2020 are eligible for the award. The leaders of the nominations are Lime Cordial with eight, Tame Impala with seven and Sampa the Great with six.

See who is nominated here. 800 people from across the industry will vote in 6 categories, and 19 will be voted by screening schools with expertise in a particular genre. The ARIA Board is responsible for the ARIA Hall of Fame, Icon Awards, and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Five people have been publicly voted, including the Song of the Year and Best International Artists. Enter “ARIA Vote” in Google Search to vote for the open ballot category, Best Video, Best Australia Live Act, Best International Artist, Song of the Year, or Vote for the Best Video or Song of the Year.

How can I watch ARIA in 2020?

ARIA will air on Channel Nine on November 25th. Performances can also be watched worldwide on YouTube.

How will the ARIA Awards work in 2020?

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