Hurricane Delta Brings Howling Wind

Hurricane Delta landed in the United States on Friday, October 9, near Creole, Louisiana. The hurricane was reported as a Category 4 storm when it hit the Mexican coastline earlier in the week. On Friday, the hurricane was measured in Category 2. This video captures howling-like sounds as the storm system travels north on Sweet Lake, Louisiana, and is tracking towards Lake Charles. The National Hurricane Center reported that Delta landed near Creole, Louisiana at 6 pm CST. “In parts of southern Louisiana, damaging winds and life-threatening storm surges continue,” he said. Many residents along the Delta’s path were reportedly still recovering from Hurricane Laura, which struck the state about six weeks ago. On October 7, the Governor of Louisiana issued a state of emergency in anticipation of landing.Credit: Precht via Storyful

Place of originHurricane Delta Brings Howling Wind

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