Hydarihakan was arrested for plans to import liquid methamphetamine from Turkey

A Sydney man associated with Commanderos was arrested after Turkish police found bathrobes, towels and fabrics soaked in 1 kg of liquid methamphetamine on consignment to Australia.

Strikeforce Vidor police stormed Kellyville’s male Heidarihakan on Tuesday morning following a joint investigation by New South Wales and Australian Federal Police.

The consignment is addressed to a Sydney address, and the court alleges that Mr. Hakan was the person who helped the attempted import.

His arrest was triggered by information received from Turkish authorities who discovered the drug on October 2.

The footage of the arrest shows Mr. Hakan handcuffed at a bus stop, in shorts with splattered paint and gray as he sits in front of a carpet store in Castle Hill with one leg crossing the other. Indicates that you are wearing a jumper.

A 37-year-old woman is known to police and is associated with a Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang.

He was charged with a plot to import commercial quantities of border-controlled drugs and handle criminal proceeds.

Mr. Hakan was denied bail at the Castle Hill Police Station on Tuesday and will face the Parramatta District Court this afternoon.

The biggest penalty for importing a commercial amount of illegal drug is life imprisonment.

Police confiscated several electronic devices while searching for their home in Kellyville, northwest of the city.

Place of originHydarihakan was arrested for plans to import liquid methamphetamine from Turkey

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