I also know how it feels to be a blind wife

We met at college, moved to London to make a fortune, got married on a cloudless August day, left the city to raise two children and went to Sher’s Chocolate Box Cottage. I wrote a magazine column for 10 years about a completely imperfect life. I remember a friend saying that it all made her vaguely nauseous. I thought we were together until we died.

But then I found out that we weren’t, and we wouldn’t. He wanted. For me, it was sudden and shocking.

Some marriages are slowly eroded, ending protracted agony and bleeding until resuscitation is impossible. But mine was a cataclysmic implosion. An unexpected ending that no one (probably except him) saw to come.

Is the blow of the body a thousand cuts worse than the death? Who knows What I know is that it caused unparalleled pain.

Marriage can be a hassle, but I think you have each other’s backs. I think you know them. That’s why when they act out of their personality, your entire belief system is shaken. Suddenly seeing the person as a stranger, or doing something strange with a stranger in a strange place, is annoying, to say the least.

For landscape architect Fitzgerald, 49, this is a man who has loved her since he was a student at Trinity College, married in 2010, and has four children between the ages of seven and thirteen. I’m a father. She talks about finances, family and future plans.

Lily James in

She must have found it difficult to reconcile the man with a man depicted in Rome with his 31-year-old co-star. Pursuit of loveRiding a scooter, laughing at lunch. His wedding ring and sense of validity MIA.

Whatever the truth, public speculation will be humiliating, even with a completely innocent explanation. Those images pop out of her phone screen like a million rift debris.

Immediately after the photo appeared in the west, he returned home at the age of 50, and at a photocall the couple publicly showed a sense of unity outside Wiltshire’s house and handed the following note to the press. “Our marriage is strong and we are very together.” Eagle Eye observers noticed that Fitzgerald grabbed an tissue screwed into the palm of one hand.

The family is reportedly retreating to Grin Castle in Limerick, the 18-bedroom residence of Fitzgerald. She and West undertook a monumental task of refurbishment with the aim of making it a venue. After Fitzgerald divorced Earl of Durham VII, the couple married on 400 acres of land.

Anglo-Irish aristocrats were first described as “ravaged” by a close friend when a photo of her husband appeared this week with James. The message has now changed tone, with friends describing her as “not nonsense”, “directly” and claiming that “Catherine makes her feelings for the episode private and complete”-she “Do nothing —“.

West previously described his wife as “beautiful, intelligent, and brilliantly despised.”

Perhaps her aristocrat, Fitzgerald, believes monogamy is for bourgeoisies who are worried about things like paying mortgages. Maybe she and West have agreed. Do you know?

In a 2016 interview that is now widely disseminated online, West said: I am blind to the behavior of men between the ages of 40 and 50. Let’s blow everything away. That is, as young people say, “not very old.”

To the observer, the West / James / Fitzgerald triangle feels like an old-fashioned metaphor that I’ve seen over and over again in a celebrity marriage. The actor goes home due to a crisis, talks to his wife, followed by a show of David Meller-style couple unity, and an unpleasant kiss.


Is it a life that imitates art? West is known for playing dishonest on-screen characters (Jimmy McNulty in) wire, Noah Soloway, yes, Incident – The latter has four children and has a passion for young women). It gives an additional layer of weirdness throughout this episode.

But for any wife, whatever the understanding between her and her husband, seeing him caressing another neck contracts her mind and her stomach. It will be a knot.

Such kindness and friendliness suggests a depth of connection and a lack of barriers. It would have stabbed her safety bubble that keeps her and her children feeling safe and protected. It exposes her emotions and makes her vulnerable.

I expect a lot from Fitzgerald, but the biggest thing is that she doesn’t doubt herself and her worth. In panic and shock, I hope she doesn’t scrabble to keep her family together at any cost. Believe me, it can be very damaging. It comes at a great cost to your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Even the strongest women can find themselves succumbing and desperate in the face of losing the life they created with their husbands.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t say anything to regret after five years. I try to stay true to Michelle Obama’s advice: “When they go low, we go high.”

If Fitzgerald’s friend is right, she seems to do the same. I wish her power as much as possible.

Telegraph, London

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I also know how it feels to be a blind wife

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