I finally got the is what you need to know

I felt a short, sharp scratch on my left arm as the pressure pulsated through my veins. Overturning this, however, were her two feelings from my recent vaccinations. I am relieved and grateful.

The monkeypox vaccine is expected to arrive in Australia in the coming

Monkeypox is a nasty disease similar to smallpox, but less severe, with a fatality rate of up to 6%.

The same sentiment will be echoed by many in NSW this week as the first 5500 doses of the vaccine are administered to those most at risk of exposure. A further 30,000 doses are planned for the end of September and 70,000 by early 2023.

The person most likely to be infected is stung first. Nearly all monkeypox patients (98% of him worldwide) are men who have sex with men. Some media were initially hesitant Reporting that statistic is perhaps the result of an ethical struggle for editors who must balance reporting the truth with their responsibility not to replicate the stigma of the AIDS crisis era.

The well-reported truth triumphs over this juggling of principles and accuracy.


We are a close-knit community, so monkeypox is having a bigger impact on gay men. Without overgeneralizing, it’s safe to say that a sizeable group of us are liberated by enjoying dance, touch, sex, and socializing. It taught me to live in peace and to prioritize joy.

Of the 58 cases reported in Australia by Friday, most met three consistent criteria. It’s international travelers, people aged 21 to he’s 40, and men who have sex with men. I am 39 years old, gay and will be returning to Sydney soon after being in London for 4 months.

Many Australians will be returning home from the summer in Europe soon. Some, especially dual UK citizens like myself, have tried to get the vaccine in the UK.

I finally got the is what you need to know

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