“I tried Jennifer Lopez’s diet and exercise routine for a week, and I was sold.”

Jennifer Lopez is known to have a 21-year-old body at the age of 51, thanks to her clean diet and intense retirement homes. So Stephanie Nuzzo decided to test both for a week. And I was surprised at the result.

Since the 90’s, JLo has been admired for her incredible appearance (remember the green Versace dress?) And for some reason, at the age of 51, the entertainer’s rig is still over. I don’t (remember Return Green Versace dress? )

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JLo is the epitome of many people’s fitness goals, so I thought it was time to create a whirlwind in her approach to health. In short, few celebrities are more in sync with their body than this New Yorker local.

After a bit of digging, I found the habits that make up Jenny’s diet and retirement home. Then I tried to continue this routine for a week. I prayed that it would help grow her half impressive loot.

Here’s how the experience went on …

JLo’s meal was much more friendly than I expected

According to Harper’s Bazaar, JLo isn’t the one who cuts food to lose weight (I’m glad to hear that). But what she does is follow a clean diet that does not contain any processed or refined foods.

Hello! According to breakfast. HollywoodLife is usually a smoothie containing protein powder, berries, quinoa milk, Greek yogurt and honey, or oats. This also contains berries. I alternated between these two meals and used WelleCo’s Nourishing Protein for smoothies.

Lunch and dinner usually consisted of fresh vegetables and protein (mainly salmon or chicken) and brown rice or sweet potatoes. No lie, it was pretty good.

Snacks have always been fresh fruits and nuts, and perhaps most notably, caffeine and alcohol were completely off the card. Wild, I know.

Lopez states that Hollywood Life states: “I don’t drink, smoke, or drink caffeine. Instead, she obviously drinks water all day long. Technically, this rule is more about skin care than fitness, but her I included it in the mix because it’s part of the diet … sadly.

When it came to food, I was happy all day and didn’t feel like I was on a diet. All my meals were full, delicious and easy to put together.

What I really struggled with was the lack of caffeine (read: failed). I drink a lot of coffee. About 4 cups a day (yes, I heard my chin hit the floor). So going to a cold turkey for this story didn’t work. I literally had a two-day headache and felt like I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Was this a placebo? Probably. Did you still want to hit your head against the wall? definitely.

Supplements like Tropeaka’s Tone BCAA + usually give me a noticeable energy boost, but this time they had no effect on overcoming caffeine withdrawal.

So I contacted a skin care professional to clarify why I tortured myself.

Dr. Ryan De Cruz, a dermatology consultant at Software, Australia’s first remote dermatology subscription service, explained that JLo’s words are not the gospel. He shared that excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol can worsen the condition of the skin, but it does not need to be cut completely.

“It’s not about making a comprehensive statement, such as” completely eliminating alcohol or completely eliminating caffeine, “but just balancing it,” said Dr. Decrus.

“There is really no evidence to support it.”

Skin therapist Diandra Politano reiterated this point, sharing that when it comes to coffee, dairy products are often a skin-damaging factor.

“It causes inflammation every day,” she explained.

“So, if you have a breakout, it will make it worse. Take your coffee home and add almond milk instead.”

As JLo’s theory was revealed, I was convinced that one cup of coffee was allowed a day. This killed my headache and allowed me to feel like a human again.

To fitness …

Hollywood Life quotes Lopez as saying, “I exercise three or four times a week.”Women have to work hard Seeing her, I was expecting to hear for 7 days.

JLo’s training schedule is reportedly a combination of strength training, cardio, circuit-style workouts, and, of course, dance. So this week I was trained in boxing classes, HIIT sessions, dance classes, and strength training.

Most of the training was similar to my regular routine. So I wasn’t out of my depth while they were challenging. This was fresh for a celebrity fitness challenge.

Then I went to a dance class.

I visited Dance Central in Sydney and tried their (socially distant) Brazilian samba class. The style of dance wasn’t necessarily unique to JLo, but for humans it was high energy. One hour after aerobic exercise, I had a swollen wreck. But I had an incredible amount of time.

So how was the result?

As for my physique, I didn’t see any change. But remember, this was only a week!

However, there was an improvement in the skin. This was definitely helped by a weekend facial, but I noticed the breakout clearing long before it. My guess? Less coffee and more water (at least 2 liters a day) was the winning combo.

When it comes to energy, when I reintroduced coffee, it quickly bounced off. And since I implemented a new restriction on my vice, my sleep habits have improved. I started fainting an hour earlier than usual. I also started to wake up before the alarm clock (what ?!)

Overall, I may not have developed a loot like Jenny, but I can say that these changes have had a huge impact on my daily life. Clearer skin; better sleep and regular boogie opportunities? Why can’t I feel so good?

“I tried Jennifer Lopez’s diet and exercise routine for a week, and I was sold.”

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