I tried the latest community electric car charger from GET Charging at Baranduda.

Australia has a growing number of electric vehicle charging networks, but you may not have heard of GET Electric yet. I have been following their progress for some time. When he at VIC learned that Baranduda had new equipment installed, and that it was located away from techAU HQ, I wanted to try it out.

Fast chargers are an important part of the charging infrastructure required for future vehicles, but they are not the only ones.

Charging at locations such as supermarkets and shopping centers encourages customers to shop elsewhere. As a customer, you can enjoy the convenience of weekly shopping while earning additional fees at the same time.

After seeing their Facebook post a week ago, I went to the charger last weekend to try it out and the charger still wasn’t working, so I must have been frustrated. Today we are happy to report that 2 chargers are online and working.

The charger used by GET Electric is different from the Tritium and ABB chargers used by Chargefox and Evie Networks. These chargers have a large 1920*1080 high-definition color LCD display to show advertisements, help you pay for the electricity you use, and even in rural areas like Baranduda where there is no metropolitan density or EV adoption. Economical.

Today’s chargers were showing realistic videos of luxury brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Mercedes. doesn’t make much sense, and I don’t think Baranduda has a huge number of people willing to drop more than $300,000 on one.

As for the charging experience, I had already downloaded the app, signed up, added my car details and payment method, so it was very easy.I was ready to pay for the energy I consumed. Best of all, the charging session was free, but I think it’s temporary.

Launch the app and tap Start Charging to activate the QR scanner and hold it over the QR code on the side of the charger. Then it says “Error 004 – This charger is in Plug and Play mode. Please disable Plug and Play mode if you want to use the QR code scanning feature.

At first, I thought the charger wasn’t working, but upon further thought, “plug and play” mode could mean winding it up, plugging it in, and playing (charging). I thought there was After trying to connect the AC charger to the car, I got it right and it started charging.

The app also features a location option for finding nearby chargers, but his location wasn’t added to the map yet, so it was plug and play.

From a previous Facebook post, I expected these to offer a charging speed of 22kW, but the best I’ve seen today is 11kW. This makes him think 22kW is a site number shared between two chargers, but with just a Tesla Model 3 he would have thought he could get all 22kW.

if you see on their websiteindeed GET 2x 22kW chargers are listed on the digital display, suggesting that each charger should actually provide 22kW.

The charging speeds offered here are slow, but instead of going from a 3% state of charge to 90% in 15 minutes, the car is stationary and busy shopping (almost like free fuel). Looking at some of the other GET Electric locations, they charge between $0.07/kWh and $0.31./kWh at various locations.

Overall, we are pleased that a small rural location like Baranduda has an EV charging infrastructure to provide charging opportunities to the wider Albury-Wodonga area. EVs have grown dramatically in the area, now passing several Teslas every day, meeting many others at the local supercharger, and all over town he’s seen KIA EV6s, Hyundai Kona, Nissan Leaf I also saw

I tried the latest community electric car charger from GET Charging at Baranduda.

Source link I tried the latest community electric car charger from GET Charging at Baranduda.

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