ICAC clears former ministers of parliamentarians from nine countries

Three senior liberals who resigned in a country member qualification scandal will not face any further action after state anti-corruption observers have eliminated the misconduct of them and six other MPs today. ..

Former Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Stephen Knoll, Minister of Primary Industry Tim Wetztone, and Marshall Government Whip Adrian Pederick are all political over qualifications to claim to stay in Adelaide while working away from the area’s primary housing. Resigned in the dispute.

Knoll first repaid nearly $ 30,000 after a claim dating back ten years was filed in Congress, while Whitsone repaid about $ 7,000 due to a diary error.

They, along with former House of Councilors Chairman Terry Stevens, all resigned after declaring that Bruce Lander, a former Independent Commission’s Anti-Corruption Commission, was investigating the claims of numerous members of parliament, and more broadly. The survey was expanded to consider a new qualification system.

But today, his successor, Anne Vanstone, will take further action in an official statement regarding claims by nine lawmakers, including former Labor frontbencher Eddy Hughes and independent Jeff Brock. Said that he decided.

In addition to Knoll, Whetstone and Pederick, IACC also withdrew inquiries about fledgling frontbencher David Basham, energy minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan, and liberal backbenchers Nick McBride and Peter Treloar.

Whetsone said InDaily He felt “relieved” in the IACC statement and said he would “continue to contribute to a good government.”

Knoll and Pederick have not yet responded to inquiries.

Vanstone said in a statement: “Immediately after starting the role of Independent Anti-Corruption Commissioner, I announced that I would continue the investigation launched by my predecessor, Hong. Bruce Lander QC, done by a small number of MPs for accommodation allowances for MPs. To the claim. “

“In addition, Mr. Lander has requested the Department of Public Conscientiousness to investigate claims for allowances by all members of parliament over the last decade,” she said.

“The office for public integrity began by requesting information related to claims by serving members of parliament.

“At the same time, my investigation continued with a small number of members of parliament.”

Stevens and Phase 1 Narunga MP Fraser Ellis have previously declared targets for the IACC probe.

“We reviewed the materials collected by the Department of Public Sincerity,” Vanstone said. “Given that the information provided so far does not reveal evidence of fraud, I made those inquiries. Decided not to extend to other members of parliament. “

Some lawmakers do not appear to have been contacted directly by IACC regarding the inquiry, and Labor MLC Clare Scriven states that she has not been contacted directly and has been “not investigated at all.”

John Dawkins, chairman of the New Legislative Council, said he had received a “one inquiry” regarding “about two nights.” [connected to] “One event” he claimed.

“I responded,” he said, adding that he believed he didn’t need anything more.

Independent Mount Gambier-based Troybel also claimed allowance earlier, but Vanstone said, “I shouldn’t draw conclusions about the behavior of those I haven’t named today.”

“As these issues are being promoted, I have commented on the information currently available and I think it is in the public interest that no further investigation or investigation of a particular member is carried out. Very publicly, “Vanstone said.

She said the strict secrecy of the law prevented people under investigation from speaking publicly when the investigation was stopped, but “in each relevant case, members were informed of the results.” It was.

“My investigation of claims by some members continues,” she said.

“We will provide further updates as needed.”

Lander said InDaily In August, he was “investigating corruption” on “multiple” lawmakers.

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Place of originICAC clears former ministers of parliamentarians from nine countries

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