Ideas welcome but tax cuts continue: Chalmers


The government welcomes all ideas at upcoming jobs and skills summits, but has no intention of abandoning planned income tax cuts for the wealthy.

Labor’s election pledge, the September summit, is aimed at addressing Australia’s economic challenges and is expected to bring together around 100 delegates from the business, union and community sectors.

The Australian Trade Union Council is calling for an overhaul of the economy to ensure businesses and workers are prioritized.

But while ACTU’s proposals were welcomed, they did not reflect government policy, said treasurer Jim Chalmers.

“The whole point of having a summit like this is to bring people together and see if we can find common ground,” he told ABC Radio National on Thursday.

It’s pretty strange to say, “Come to the summit and bring only ideas that have been pre-approved by the government.”

“It’s not the spirit of the summit, it’s not the spirit of how government operates.”

ACTU called on the government to cancel the planned third phase of tax cuts. This primarily benefits high-income households.

Dr Chalmers said the government would not implement the tax cuts, which are due to start in fiscal year 2024/25, if they determined they were not necessary.

“We intend to leave them alone … There are steps we can take now in the tax system, especially related to multinational tax avoidance,” he said.

“That’s where it should be our priority.”

Opposition leader Peter Dutton was invited to the summit, but on Wednesday said he would not attend, calling the event a “stunt with the union.”

Nationals leader David Littleproud accepted the invitation.

Dutton said the opposition would instead support manufacturing and local businesses.

“It’s all about the passion that individual companies bring,” he said after touring the Western Sydney manufacturing plant.

“We spoke with a dozen local manufacturers here. They have startups, people, who have invested their money. This is an act of courage.

“We stand by them, so it’s important to listen to them.”

Dr. Chalmers said Dutton was going astray to divide people and “break consensus.”

“I think his actions over the last few days have isolated and humiliated himself and already divided the coalition,” he said.

However, Dutton reiterated his stance on Thursday and confirmed he would not attend.

“Job Summit will be a stunt,” he said.

“Sally McManus is not a union leader in the 1980s. She is not Bill Kelty. Anthony Albanese is not Bob Hawke.”

He said expectations of a new price and income agreement similar to that reached between Hawke and the union movement were “not realistic”.


Ideas welcome but tax cuts continue: Chalmers

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