If you don’t change, Lib women’s “revolving door”

Liberal lawmakers have called for a cultural change to retain and encourage more women as the party considers the factors behind its federal election defeat.

The Liberal Party faces a revolving door for women if the culture doesn’t improve, said one member of parliament amid calls for temporary quotas.

Former minister Linda Reynolds has called for a temporary quota to increase the number of women in the party after it fell to its lowest number since 1993.

But West Sydney Liberal MP Melissa McIntosh said quotas may help boost numbers at first, but a cultural change is needed as the party conducts a post-mortem on election losses. increase.

Internal research shows that nearly three in four female voters under the age of 34 hold marginal seats that favor Labor over liberals.

“We can learn a lot from the report that will be released,” Mackintosh said, but professed that the culture within the Liberal Party needs to be addressed when it comes to women’s representation.

“You can get all the quotas in the world, but unless you make a change regarding the culture, it will be a revolving door for women.”

She said there was a need for programs to help women aspire to leadership “up to the highest level.”

Former party leader Brian Lafnen and Victorian Senator Jane Hume are considering campaigning for the 2022 election.

The Young Liberals Party, in its review submission, said the party had failed to recruit, retain and promote women and had no strategy to reach its goal of electing 50% of women parliamentarians by 2025. said.

If you don’t change, Lib women’s “revolving door”

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