Importance of daily catch-up with the team

Owners and managers need to communicate face-to-face on a daily basis.

Business plans, goals and targets were all forgotten in the 16+ hours since employees left the office yesterday afternoon.


Blame it on sports, TV, gossip, family, gambling, drinking, social media distractions, and dating apps that consume people’s lives.

Therefore, daily catch-up is essential.

Set the tone and direction of your daily goals as early as possible in your employees’ shifts.

Keep it direct and simple. Just one or two important messages of the day mixed in with a joke or positive feedback for someone is enough.

Daily catch up must be interesting.

For better “buy-in” and staff engagement, employ a weekly roster and delegate leads/presenters at daily catch-ups.

Prepare the delegate just before catchup.

Write the important message you want to convey to all employees in simple words or dots on the whiteboard.

Have an agent speak to you. Don’t talk too much to them, even if they misunderstand. Wait until the end of the catchup to make corrections. Build their trust and stop thinking that your manager is the best and the only one who knows everything.

To give your daily catch-up a little more formal structure, try the 3 P’s: people, process, and performance.

This gives you a simple framework for communicating with your staff about the who, what, where, how, when and why of the day.

DAILY CATCHUP Permanently write down the “3 P Label” on the left side of the whiteboard.

Align key points with people, process, or performance headings as shown below.

The “who” and “where” are covered by People.

The “how,” “what,” and “when” best match the process.

Align the “why” of performance, including key goals or KPIs.

Sounds simple.

So why is your daily catch-up so quickly outdated or wrong after just a few weeks?

Because we forget that these daily catch-ups are mini-meetings.

As with all meetings, emphasize the importance of the following for each alternate presenter:

  • lack of discipline – Start on time at the same time each day and filter out any latecomers with verbal warnings. Authorize your agent to do so.
  • lack of concentration – Stay on point. All issues and concerns must be raised and recorded with the Board prior to the catch-up. Block and “pend” new issues that arise until the next day.
  • lack of interest – Sharp and short points should probably be made with a little humor. A short joke of the day is always helpful.
  • lack of punctuality – Start and finish your daily catch-up within 10 minutes, ideally 5 minutes. If you miss this, you lose it and the team.
  • lack of feedback – Always give feedback on the previous day’s performance, for better or worse.
  • lack of direction – Repeat plans daily/shift by shift.

You and your staff need to refocus and leave a daily catch-up. Any non-business issues that have arisen in their lives since they left work yesterday need to be erased now.

Importance of daily catch-up with the team

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