In Herald: October 15, 1996

Dinosaur footprints stolen

The only known footprint of Stegosaurus in the world was stolen from the Aboriginal sanctuary just north of Bloom. The unique fossilized footprint is about 130 million years old and is the only evidence that Stegosaurus roamed Australia. The site’s administrator, Joseph Law, said: “Footprints are of great spiritual importance to our people. According to Aboriginal tradition, anyone who took them put themselves at great risk.”

Police may gain additional authority

New South Wales Police will be authorized to detain and cross-examine suspects for up to 12 hours without prosecution under a new bill that has infuriated legal fraternity. The NSW Bar Association has expressed concern that it may detain people for no reasonable reason and be abused by police who deny the freedom of its citizens. Currently, the law requires police to prosecute a person in front of a court or judiciary on the first occasion after arrest.

Paralympic logo released

The Paralympics will begin in Sydney on October 14, 2000.To commemorate that moment, the Australian Paralympic Federation yesterday has a new logo Herald report. This was first done off the pylon south of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, with a huge banner laid out by rappelling wheelchair athletes, and then exhibited at a attended luncheon at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel. it was done.

In Herald: October 15, 1996

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