Incredible Australian destinations to visit during an international travel ban

Your travel bucket list may have had to be adjusted a bit this year, but you don’t have to throw it away altogether – Australia has covered you. Whether you dream of drinking wine at the cellar doors of Bordeaux, France, or getting out on the Big Sur coastal drive in California, Australia is more than we traditionally travel abroad. I have a comparable experience, if not good.

Almost one-third of Australians, or 5.4 million Australians, are planning domestic vacations within the next 12 months, proving that vacationers are engaged in local adventures. I am. According to the finder, this has increased by 21 percent since January.

According to data from travel booking site Expedia, Australia has redeemed travel to Bali, Phuket and Tokyo, which were on the list during school vacations in September 2019, for vacations to the Australian region. In addition, Christmas holiday planning is in full swing, with travel searches on doubling last month compared to August.

Alex Osdowski, Australian Director of Expedia, said: “The focus is on domestic destinations with hotspots such as the Whitsunday Islands, Byron Bay, and the North and South Coasts of New South Wales.

As part of News Corp’s Travel Fightback campaign, today we are offering a bright red deal to excite you by exploring the country’s best equivalents across the most popular travel categories.


Beaches on the Greek islands and Caribbean coast are often hailed on the list of the best beaches in the world. However, Australians offer about 12,000 beaches and are content with their choice. Brad Farmer, a beach ambassador for the Australian Tourism Board, said that amazing beaches have more than they look on Instagram. “The best thing about Australian beaches is the diversity of rocky coves, tropical islands, windswept capes, and even mangrove estuaries off the coast,” Farmer said.

While Whit Sunday’s White Haven, Hyams on the South Coast of New South Wales, Bondi and Manly’s iconic Australian beaches in Sydney are undoubtedly popular, Farmer may offer Australians something special. Encourage you to look for lesser-known beaches-maybe it’s your chance to see a sandy wallabie, or a walk through the rainforest to get there.

“COVID-19 has shown us that you don’t have to go abroad to experience a wonderful beach. Here’s the beach.”

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Theme park

Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but the Gold Coast has some of the most concentrated theme parks in the Southern Hemisphere, including Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet’n’Wild, Dream World, and Whitewater World. Everything is close by. “The Gold Coast, loved by children and adults of all ages, is famous for its long-established theme parks dating back to the 1970s to attract travelers to Australia’s favorite amusement parks,” said Destination Gold. Coast President Paul Donovan said.

He added that theme parks have promised to take full advantage of the growing domestic market and plan to improve in 2021. “[Theme parks]have promised a total of $ 120 million to upgrade the park experience and introduce a range of innovative and cutting-edge technologies-art rides and attractions,” said Donovan. ..

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Indigenous Arakwal people have long regarded Byron Bay as a healing place. Byron Bay has an international reputation in the industry, while Bali and Thailand offer a wide range of wellness services to travelers. There are many wellness retreats, yoga studios and day spas in northern New South Wales. “Australia is world-renowned for its natural wonders and quality of life,” said Gary Gorrow of Soma Byron, a master of Vedic meditation and a 20-year career in the industry. “We are not the world leader in retreat experiences, but it is changing. In ourselves, more people simply want beautiful views and stay in fashionable places. We are shifting to wanting to awaken the sublime experience. “

Gorrow added that COVID-19 created an opportunity for more Australians to discover wellness products in their own country.

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Travelers seeking an adrenaline rush often travel to New Zealand. But you don’t have to cross the groove for the thrill. Tasmania’s Franklin River offers a wild river adventure that is synonymous with rapids. “There is no better adventure than completely immersing yourself in the World Heritage-listed wilderness of the Franklin River Rafting Expedition,” said Shelby Pinkerton of the Tasmanian Expedition, who has led the rafting expedition in Tasmania since 1978. “Navigating Thunder Rush and Coldron Rapid in the world’s warmest, warmest rainforest wilderness. This river trip is one of the best in the world.”

In New South Wales, adrenaline addicts can head to the Blue Mountains. There, rappelling and rock climbing adventures offer different perspectives on the world-famous mountains. Michael Buggy of the Blue Mountains Adventure Company said: “Swimming, swimming and rappelling in ancient canyons are just one example of the many thrilling” rope “adventures offered. “There are family-friendly adventures from the age of seven to advanced rappelling and rock climbing expeditions for experienced adventurers.”

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Wine / food

You may not be able to drink wine in Bordeaux or the Napa Valley of California, but don’t take this experience off your travel bucket list yet. Here are some of the best wineries in the world. From the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Clare Valley regions of South Australia to the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, the Margaret River of Western Australia, the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria and Wineglass Bay of Tasmania, Australian wines travel abroad. Matches everything you see. However, Cathy Wills of Barossa Tourism said he would not downplay the wonderful local cuisine that is closely linked to the wine region. She adds that the region is backed by travel within rural and state areas, where accommodation occupancy in July 2020 is about the same as in July 2019.

Jason Shugg of Luxury Escapes said we shouldn’t forget small and emerging wine regions like Orange and Mudgee in New South Wales. “The big changes we’re seeing for domestic travel are looking for unique and different experiences for less-traveled roads, as well as short vacations within the driving distance of major cities for Australians. That means, “he said. “Our wine region is absolutely perfect for this.”

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Destination wedding

Australian couples have long vowed to Maui in Fiji, but since the pandemic closed the border, the natural beauty of the Whitsunday Islands has proven to be Instagram-worthy. Alaa Armanyous of Daydream Island said spring wedding reservations surged and 13 were locked in in September and October alone. “The Daydream is small and intimate, 1 km long and 400 meters wide, giving couples a unique island experience,” he said. “The huge underwater living reef and underwater observatory that couples can book for a private dining experience are popular with wedding groups.”

Hayman Island is another popular wedding destination, and InterContinental is reporting more inquiries this spring than it was last year due to the blockade of the pandemic. Alpadromandi, general manager of InterContinental Hayman Island, said love is really floating in the air as couples are celebrating a special day in the Whitsunday Islands, with more “elopement inquiries.” It was.

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Wonders of nature

Let’s face it, it will take a long time before we can safely travel to the United States. And if the Grand Canyon is on your must-see travel list, you can’t miss it by redeeming it for a Kings Canyon experience in the Northern Territory. As in the United States, trekking along the edges of Kings Canyon or walking from above with a helicopter will take you on foot to see the 300m high sandstone walls. A visit to Kings Canyon, a three-hour drive from Uluru, is often part of a full-fledged Red Center vacation. “In these COVID eras, Kings Canyon offers a great alternative to a popular tourist destination and is considered a gem hidden in the rich tapestries of Australia’s beautiful Northern Territory,” said Kings Creek Station. Said Tony McFazian, CEO of.

Beyond day trips, stay at Kings Creek Station Ranch, 35 km away, or Kings Canyon Resort, 10 km away.

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Best drive

Hitting the road at Big Sur on the California coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles is arguably one of the best drives in the world. But Victoria’s Great Ocean Road Drive is more than comparable to the Australian Road Tripper. The 664km coastal drive begins in the beachside suburbs or Torquay, an hour from Melbourne, and ends in the fishing village of Port Fairy. Victoria CEO Brendan McClements said the beauty of the Great Ocean Road wasn’t just about driving, it was about finding it along the way. “Every time you turn the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find breathtaking sea views, steep sandstone cliffs, ancient rainforest-studded ancient teeth, and a fascinating coastal town,” he said. Said.

The beaches outside Torquay, including the iconic surf spot Bells Beach, are the highlights, as well as the towering 12 apostles, the Lone seaside village, and the food and wine stops on the Bellarine Peninsula.

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Encounter with animals

Africa may be home to animal safaris, but there are few places in the world where you can get close to Australia’s cute Tasmanian devil. Surrounded by the world heritage wilderness of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Devils @ Cradle conservationists are working hard to ensure the survival of the Tasmanian devil. “The devil is most active at night, so feeding tours after darkness are the most popular,” said Danielle Nankervis of Devils @ Cradle. “Joey’s encounter with a young devil behind the scenes in a small group is also popular.”

From small to huge, you can swim with whale sharks off the coast of Exmouth, Western Australia, on the other side of Australia. Similar experiences are available in other parts of the world, but Exmouth Dive’s Mark Ferguson and Whalesharks Ningaloo said that what sets them apart is that he will almost certainly be able to meet them. “The majority of people diving with whale sharks come out of whale sharks and are really surprised and sometimes grateful for the whole new ocean,” he said.

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