Inde delivers innovative solutions across the technology sector

Inde is an employee-owned collection of IT specialists who work together to create the right solutions for their customers. Internally, the company calls it “collective power.” This means that when a client approaches Inde with a problem, they get the collective insight of the team to get the best possible outcome. Inde believes this open approach allows employees to come to the company to learn and grow faster because it exposes them to all parts of the business and customer environment.

Inde primarily works with government, healthcare, and enterprise businesses that have their own IT teams. Being a “fit together” organization, the company provides these teams with deep expertise along with escalation support. Its goal is to become a trusted advisor to the internal IT team, like an extension of the team.

Channel leaders are very important to Inde as they cover all IT workers, from executives to IT managers to developers to engineers. Additionally, most of the company’s new relationships are established by word of mouth these days, as rumors about working with clients circulate in IT circles.

Inde has offices throughout New Zealand and has recently begun to expand aggressively into Australia. The company has developed a true expertise in providing solutions to companies in the agriculture, retail and logistics sectors, as well as across the public sector, including healthcare and education.

Inde Chief Technology Officer Rik Roberts said:

“Our customers love what we do and this is reflected in the NPS scores we get.

“But while we have been tinkering with the structure of our business, our vision has not changed. I think I want to do.

“We also recently acquired some very exciting customers who position their businesses well to continue creating world-leading solutions. These customers include HW Richardson, Environment Canterbury, Statistics NZ, NZTA, Waka Kotahi, Te Whatu Ora – Southern (New Dunedin Hospital)”

Inde was founded in 2014 and Data Culture was founded in 2011. These businesses were merged under the current company structure in a merger of equals in 2016 and have gone from strength to strength since then.

Inde had just 11 staff when it merged in 2016. Now he has 65 and that number is increasing every month. All staff are currently based in New Zealand and the company’s first Australian employee will soon be hired.

One of Inde’s first projects to receive much recognition was the deployment of SD-WAN networks in 2016, before many of the major telecom companies established expertise in this area. As a result, the company pioneered this technology and was able to provide greater resilience, connectivity and security to many clients over SD-WAN networks.

Another of Inde’s biggest accomplishments was deploying one team and adopting ownership methods across the business. By changing the way it approaches problem solving, the company has been able to open up new opportunities with clients and build industry-leading technology solutions.

Technology is always changing and evolving. So while Inde’s work to build SD-WAN networks has been market-leading, there is no stopping. The company is now reimagining a new way of modern branch networking and rolling over clients to an evolved new system that provides customers with more security and efficiency in today’s IT environment.

There is currently a skills shortage across most industries in New Zealand, and technology is no exception. This means Inde’s clients are being asked to do more without the right people. Instead of spinning wheels and digging the rabbit hole, the company says there is a growing need for experts like Inde to come and help clients navigate the complex challenges they face. is aware of

Large enterprise customers are much more open to using smaller technology consultancies like Inde these days. Traditionally, they have only partnered with larger players, but they recognize that smaller players bring greater ownership, passion, fresh ideas and thinking, and the agility to act quickly. increase.

Inde spent much of 2020 working with clients on digital transformation projects to bring them into the modern world. Now that everything has leveled up, the company has found its clients’ pace of innovation accelerating and has a desire to do more.

Relationships, expectations and office environments are changing, and this is impacting the type of work Inde does and the solutions Inde creates for its clients. From accessibility to security, everything should be built with the hybrid work environment in mind. This allows Inde to be more creative and innovative with the ideas they bring to their clients.

“We have found a very effective way to build a company culture that leverages the experience and intelligence of each Inde team member. We use it to make our customers more collaborative and connected. We create pioneering solutions that help us become more resilient, resilient and secure,” Roberts adds.

Inde delivers innovative solutions across the technology sector

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