Indigenous people leave Rio Tinto trauma and destroy Jukan Cave

Indigenous groups say Rio Tint’s decision to destroy a culturally important cave in Western Australia left the community traumatized by the eternal loss of important spiritual anchors.

In May, in front of a joint committee for miners to destroy caves in the Juukan Canyon, Aboriginal group Puutu Kunti Kurrama People (PKKP) said the incident was a loss felt by all indigenous peoples. It was.

PKKP, a representative of traditional landholders in the Pilbara disaster area, told the Commission that Rio Tinto actively ignored community concerns and demands and opposed the advice and cultural importance of the ledge. ..

“The disaster in the Jukan Valley has caused immense cultural loss, suffering and suffering,” the traditional landowner said in a submission to the Commission.

PKKP said the Cave in the Jukan Valley is a spiritually important place for elders and ancestors to live around the region’s permanent waters.

“Rio Tinto provided limited information to PKKP. Rio Tinto refused repeated attempts to increase communication with traditional owners and took narrow steps.

An approach to relationships, “said PKKP.

“The disaster in the Jukan Valley shows that Rio Tinto’s operational mindset has been driven by compliance with minimum legal standards and maximization of profits. PKKP believes this reflects the industry as a whole. . “

PKKP told the Commission that Rio Tinto had known about the cultural importance of the land since 2008, but was not involved in discussions with the community.

It was noted that four options were created to avoid destroying the cave. However, PKKP said miners ignored the request and manipulated the community to think that there was only one option.

The Commission also heard that Rio Tinto has not yet allowed indigenous communities to access land for cultural research and protection of indigenous relics.

PKKP also aims to reclaim the relics exhibited by Rio Tinto, who claim that indigenous peoples are not properly managed.

It is understood that PKKP and Rio Tinto are discussing compensation after the cave explosion.

Rio Tinto has publicly apologized for the explosion of a cave that was destroyed to access $ 135 million worth of iron ore.

The turmoil over the scandal prompted miner CEO JS Jack to resign from the company. He will resign from the top role early next year.

Place of originIndigenous people leave Rio Tinto trauma and destroy Jukan Cave

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