Injury, Penrith reportedly beat Raiders

Penrith won in a chaotic encounter littered with major injuries and reports, beating Canberra 26-6 to extend their lead at the top of the NRL ladder.

This loss cost the Raiders a lot.

They conceded ground in the final race after losing star prop Joe Tappin. Joe Tappin did not return for the second stanza following a rib injury in the first half.

Playing without star halves Nathan Cleary, Jarom Luai and second-row Billyam Kikau, Penrith overcame injury scare alongside full-back Dylan Edwards to play his 100th game in the NRL. performed and presented a clinical display through pain.

The clash threatened to turn vicious early in the second half, as Raider Nick Kotrick hit Edwards’ high to spark a protest and the Canberra winger was sent to Sinbin for a shot.

Penrith prop James Fisher-Harris played 10 minutes in the bin in the first half and hit a high shot to Ryan Sutton.

Fill-in Penrith half Geman Salmon was also reported to have hit hard with his boots and appeared to have made a deal with Raider Tom Sterling’s face and groin.

But Edwards, who looked like a ginger after being drilled by Jordan Rapana, responded perfectly with a 54-minute try, breaking Canberra’s spirits and capping a bust display of 155m, six tackles.

And he got a lot of help, especially through backup playmaker Sean O’Sullivan, covering Cleary in perfect fashion with a stunning three-try assist and some good kicks.

5/8 Salmon completed the rout with a crafty try in the second half, but center Stephen Crichton scored a cross before returning from an ear injury.

Canberra opened the scoring early as Josh Papary broke through the line thanks to a perfect serve from hooker Zach Woolford.

However, the Raiders were once again plagued with errors and failed to capitalize on their strong territory early in the game.

Tapin and Sutton’s limited action meant they lacked their usual punching in the middle, but they broke through Penrith’s brick wall defense with just one attempt from 41 tackles in the opponent’s 20m. Couldn’t find a way to do it.

The result was a devastating blow to Canberra’s final hopes as they fell one game behind eighth-placed Sydney Roosters, despite all four of their remaining matches being against teams in the bottom eight.

Injury, Penrith reportedly beat Raiders

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