Innovative solutions for biomedical waste management and treatment

Healthcare activities save lives and save lives. But what about the waste and by-products they produce? The biomedical waste management process can be expensive and difficult to set up for a medical center.

Insecure management can cause major problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 40% of hepatitis and 2.5% of HIV cases worldwide are due to exposure of health care professionals at work (biomedical waste report). , WHO2002). In addition, the treatment and removal of biomedical waste can release pathogens and toxic pollutants. The WHO Directive states that biomedical waste should be treated as close as possible to where it is produced. With this in mind, Sterilwave® We support you by optimizing the process for better logistical management of your biomedical waste system, thereby limiting contact with operatives and the transport of this waste.

Why Steril wave?

Biomedical waste management is essential for medical institutions working to prevent and combat nosocomial infections and other biohazardes. Developed by Bertin Technologies, the Sterilwave series meets the needs of medical centers, clinics, hospitals and laboratories of all sizes, producing kilos to tons of biohazard waste per day.

Sterilwave is an alternative on-site solution to reduce the risk of pollution compared to incineration and landfills, thereby being environmentally friendly, cost effective and safe. There is no need to separate waste in advance. The device can turn any kind of clinical by-product into sterile, inert, unrecognizable waste in a single, unique container. Once biomedical waste is treated, it can be considered normal municipal waste without poses a biological risk to the person handling it. Sterilization wave solutions provide traceability, safety, and a guaranteed level of sterilization. It can also significantly reduce the cost of waste removal compared to other standard solutions (collection, incinerators, autoclaves, chemicals).

Sterilwave complies with international regulations for the safety of clinical waste (STAATT recommended) and the strictest standards adopted in many countries, especially the French NFX30-503 standard. Manufactured in France, this device complies with CE (European Community) markings and benefits from Bertin Technologies’ ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Efficient microwave technology

Based on an innovative technology that combines grinding and microwave sterilization, the Sterilwave machine is ultra-compact and fully automated.

Sterilwave’s uniqueness is associated with its innovative microwave technology and a high level of processing that respects both the environment and security processes.

30 minutes automatic process in one container

From infectious waste to municipal waste

Choose from three sizes to suit your facility’s requirements

Sterilwave is available in three different processing sizes (20, 50, and 70 kg / h), depending on the facility’s requirements and the facility’s waste production. It significantly reduces environmental impact and operating costs while ensuring operator safety. Adopting microwave technology, Sterilwave does not require a steam generator, there is no risk of overpressure and no waste liquid is generated.

Sterilwave 100

The Sterilwave 100 is especially suitable for medical facilities that generate very little waste. The biomedical waste management system can handle 200 L / h (up to 20 kg / h, density 1 L = 0.1 kg) of waste. There is a mobile version that is ultra-compact, for example for use in containers. The average cycle time is 30 minutes.

Its ultra-compact size means that its installation requires only 10 meters2 Of space. The Sterilwave 100 is an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain solution with one of the lowest operating costs on the market.

Sterilwave 250

The Sterilwave 250 is safe because it has a waste treatment capacity of 500 L / h (or up to 50 kg / h at a waste density of 1 L = 0.1 kg) and can treat biomedical waste in medium-sized facilities. And traceability can be greatly reduced. Operating costs. The average cycle time is 30 minutes.

The compact size of the Sterilwave 250 unit means that it can be disposed of immediately where waste is generated.Its installation requires only 12 meters2 There is space and no additional infrastructure.

Sterilwave 440

The Sterilwave 440 can handle 880 L / h (or up to 70 kg / h at a density of 1 L = 0.1 kg) with minimal operating costs, making it ideal for institutions that generate large amounts of biohazardous waste. Waste treatment solution. .. Average cycle time 30-32 minutes.

Its easy installation requires only 20 meters2 Securing space for the safe disposal of large amounts of biomedical waste. The result is a stable, dry final waste that can be used as RDF combustibles (refuse-derived fuel).

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Image above caption: Sterilwave SW250 Compact Microwave Waste Sterilizer.

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