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I feel that the main theme of 2020 is uncertainty. People are uncertain about their work, when they will be able to travel again, when borders will reopen, when Melbourne will break out of the blockade, and even everyday life. It looks like a week, a month, or a year.

But one of the certainty of modern life is advertising.12th season Gruen Unleash your life in the COVID-19 pandemic through the lenses of the advertising and marketing industry at ABC, hosted by Will Anderson and starring former panelists and advertising experts Todd Sampson and Russell Howcroft.

Every year Gruen Is turned on almost at the same time Bachelor’s degree Or Single.. Will Anderson explains that the production team chooses a “refresh show” every year to tell a small story. Bachelor’s degree And Single, For office sweeps.

“It will be annoying by the end of it,” he admits, “especially for those who aren’t particularly fascinated. Bachelor’s degree They are our competing f * cking show and you are talking more about f * cking Bachelor Than you Gruen [laughs].. And you can see which ads are running, no, we’re just looking at it, we swear!

“I think they were all crazy one year Masked singer It’s a little difficult to swallow, so when I go back Bachelor’s degree I will be happy this year. ”

But, Gruen And that Bachie Franchises that share time slots remain the same Gruen A set of social distances such as a larger desk, the first show to eliminate viewers in a live studio, and Melbourne-based Russell Howcroft beamed to a TV screen panel, radically changing towards a pandemic Introduced. But Will says what excites him most is the creative opportunity to talk about an industry that is also being turned around by the pandemic “New Normal.”

We suddenly entered a world where 2020 was a huge Etch A Sketch.

“If you’re doing a 12-year show, especially an advertising and marketing show, you probably don’t sell 4×4 as you did in 2016 and 2019,” Will explains. “One of the constant battles with the show is to find a way to not repeat. Well, we suddenly entered the world where 2020 was a huge Etch A Sketch.

“The conversation about tourism in 2019 will be clearly different from the conversation about tourism in 2020. Some people can’t be 5 km away from their homes, while others can’t. At the border, people can’t fly abroad to go on vacation. So how will tourism change? How will the relationship with alcohol change? Mountains and boats, camping, fishing Are you going to

“”GruenThis is not really an advertising show. It’s a show that tries to explain the world using the prism of advertising, “says Will. “During this time, the whole conversation about how we sell and what we buy changes completely. The show feels like a real, creative blank slate.”

These “unprecedented times” offer the opportunity to explore the ideas at the heart of Gruen: “Advertisers know us better than we do, because they are eager to know us and want to sell something to us.They are I think so. “

But advertisers like our leaders are just Guess During COVID time (based on the best information available).

“Everyone is guessing at this point. Nobody wants to say it out loud. There is definitely a demand at this point. Please tell me when the numbers will be fixed! And make a plan Please! Well, because they’re guessing everyone who can.

“The advertising industry is no different. They don’t know, they weren’t ready for this, and now they’re doing their best to find their way through it, that’s what we probably have. That’s why I think this season is more juicy than any other season so far. ”

Interview with Wil Anderson Gruen | Pop Sugar Celebrity Australia

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