Iran has the highest number of virus deaths and the currency is plummeting

Iran’s vice president Ali Akbar Salehi was tested positive for the virus last week and has been quarantined at home ever since, according to a semi-official news agency in the Tasnim News Agency. The news agency reported that his health is currently in good shape.

According to another report by the news agency, Mohammad Bager Novact, the vice president of the country responsible for budgeting and planning, was also positive for the coronavirus.

Iran has been struggling to contain the spread of the virus across the country of 80 million people, and initially defeated the virus simply by seeing a surge in incidents again from June. The government is very reluctant to impose a major blockade as the economy is shaken by ongoing US sanctions that effectively ban Iran from selling oil internationally.

The Tehran currency exchange office sold US dollars for 315,000 reals on Sunday. In contrast, when Iran made a nuclear deal with the world powers in 2015, $ 1 was 32,000 real.

Salehi is internationally known as one of Iran’s leading negotiators who participated in these nuclear negotiations. The agreement curtailed Iran’s nuclear activity in exchange for easing sanctions, but President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States from the agreement in 2018, imposing catastrophic economic sanctions.

The currency plunged further on Sunday after the Trump administration decided on Thursday to blacklist 18 Iranian banks that had escaped most of the sanctions imposed so far. The move will impose penalties on transactions with non-Iranian financial institutions and effectively separate banks from the international financial system.

Meanwhile, in Iran, we have seen several senior officials infected with the virus over the past few months, including Senior Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri and Vice President Masoume Ebtekar. Many ministers have also shown positives, including tourism minister Ali Asgar Munesan and former industry minister Reza Rahmani. The head of the Iranian government’s task force on coronavirus, which urged the public not to overreact to the spread of the coronavirus, was one of the first high-ranking officials to become infected with the virus in late February.

The virus first appeared in Iran at the same time that the government tried to increase its support for parliamentary elections. Parliamentary elections had the lowest turnout since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and their administrative leadership came to power.

Also on Sunday, state television reported that a gas explosion killed five people and injured nine in the oil-rich city of Ahvaz in the southwestern province of Khuzestan.

Iran has the highest number of virus deaths and the currency is plummeting

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