ISIS leader’s death a ‘tremendous achievement’: Major General Andrew James Molan

A former commander of Australian troops in Iraq has described what happened in a deadly attack on the ISIS leader’s hideout.

A former commander of Australian forces in Iraq has blamed the death of ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi. “Really good achievement.”

Former Lt. Gen. Jim Molan, who now serves as the Liberal Party senator, said the incident was a reminder that ISIS had not disappeared.

US President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that the ISIS leader had been blown up along with 12 others as US ground forces stormed his apartment building in northwestern Syria.

“It is a huge achievement,” said Lt. Gen. Molan.

“Although we may focus on Taiwan or Ukraine; ISIS has not disappeared, it is still there.”

Australian Foreign Minister Mariz Payne also welcomed the news of the death of the ISIS leader.

“Daesh terrorism (ISIS) and atrocities against innocent people can not be tolerated. “We must remain vigilant against terrorism around the world.”

Senator Molan, who served as chief of operations for coalition forces in Iraq, said the decision to attack the ISIS leader from the ground rather than from an airstrike likely saved lives.

U.S. intelligence agents have been monitoring the band since December.

“They would have gone through a very complicated decision-making process – and I was part of that process in Iraq for a steady year where we did it almost every night – as to the best way to do it without harming those who live very close to it. to al-Qurayshi, “he said.

He said the operation showed that the United States still had a number of troops in northern Syria, most likely operating outside Iraq.

“There are still troops there who support the Kurds – a very small number, but it gives you the basis to carry out an attack like this,” said Senator Molan.

“A base like this is critical and we do not have such a base in Afghanistan which is a real problem for us.”

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, the senator said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will probably not rain in the parade of Chinese Xi Jinping invading during this week’s Winter Olympics.

However, he said the possibility of a partial or total invasion remains very real.

“It will not be a walk. “I suspect Russia will win in the end because of its air capability.”

“But it would be ugly.”

He said it might not be the case that Russia would seek to take control of the whole of Ukraine and could only invade parts such as Donbass, where pro-Russian troops have been fighting for some time.

President Putin may seek to link the region to Crimea, which Russia invaded and annexed in 2014, he said.

“It’s a strange way to invade another country and that’s why I do not think it will be the worst situation.

“He (Putin) is advertising the fact that he has these troops all over the country. Normally you would sneak into the border and run across it as a surprise attack. That would seem much more logical to me.

“This may have other goals and these others may be political, forcing NATO to return from the Russian border.”

Originally published as Iraq’s top commander explains deadly attack on ISIS leader

ISIS leader’s death a ‘tremendous achievement’: Major General Andrew James Molan Source link ISIS leader’s death a ‘tremendous achievement’: Major General Andrew James Molan

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