Israeli PM Rapid backs two-state solution

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid called for an independent Palestinian state in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly as long as Palestine remains peaceful.

“Peace is not compromise. This is the most courageous decision we can make,” he said.

He said Israel seeks peace with the entire Arab world.

He also warned of the dangers if Iran got nuclear weapons and called the government a murderous dictatorship.

The only solution, he said, is a credible military threat and negotiation of a “longer and stronger deal” with Iran.

The head of government said most Israelis were in favor of a two-state solution. “I am also one of them.”

However, he said the future Palestinian state “should not become another terrorist base.”

He said Israel wants to live in peace and security.

Rapid also addressed the people of Gaza, offering to build an economy together.

“There is only one condition. Stop firing rockets and missiles at children. Drop your weapons.”

He said then “you can build your future together in both Gaza and the West Bank.”

Israeli PM Rapid backs two-state solution

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