“It turns something bad into something interesting”: Lauren Curtis about her three most useful objects | Beauty

Recently, Lauren Curtis’ work has gone far beyond make-up tutorials and reviews to become one of Australia’s most successful YouTubers.

But she’s been happy to leave Perth at home without makeup lately. The podcast Mental Makeover focuses on what’s happening in the head, not the face, but when you look at it you still know a good product.

When I asked him to choose the one that was most useful in his life, he said he “thrown” many options, but he said “I wanted to keep what I was really using.”

Laptop stand

I’m always crouching, so I have a terrible headache. I also had shoulder and neck pain. I was talking to my mother about this. I said: “I’m not 30 years old-I’m sure I’m too young to experience this?”

I went to check my eyes because of a headache, but it was okay. The problem was that I went to the gym and then crouched all day, and it started summing up. I ignored it and ignored it, but then I realized I needed something to get rid of the edges.

So this is a bit boring, but I got an adjustable laptop stand. Now you don’t have to look down. You can adjust the angle to fix the posture, but you can enter it as usual. It made a huge difference to my neck. I want to buy it sooner, but it’s amazing.

Hydrocolloid acne patch

“They prevent me from making it worse” – Lauren Curtis about the benefits of acne patches. Photo: Goldfaery / Getty Images / iStockphoto

This year the breakout was terrible and I wanted to use something that would help keep my face out.

I was sent some more expensive acne patches a few years ago-for deep acne that never came to my head-and was skeptical. But this year, when I started using surface-level acne patches, I realized they really worked for me. When I talked to my followers, I found that many of them really liked it, so I got some advice from them.

They work by absorbing some of the bad things to the patch from acne, and if you remove the patch the next day, the acne should be reduced.

It reduces stress when you have acne. This is to prevent the acne from getting worse. Recently I use it about every week. There are so many different styles of patches-small stars, smiley faces-it turns something bad into something funny and almost fun.

They are also affordable. I used to spend $ 10 a pack, but now it’s sold out everywhere. I keep trying different types, but hopefully it will work.

“Between” towel

When I saw Jacqueline Hill (American beauty influencer) mentioning these in the video, I thought it was a genius. I bought it right away, but I haven’t stopped using it. A microfiber bath towel that wraps and closes with a clip.

I use it whenever I take a shower. If you want long skin care, you don’t want to get dressed and do it all. But if you’re just wearing a towel, that’s fine. It was always put back and collapsed.

These really keep you To Your towel, and it’s very soft. I don’t like touching my shoulders when I’m ready. It can be difficult to straighten or blow dry your hair, and you can get caught and twisted. It also means you don’t have to worry about putting foundation on a fluffy robe-it’s really hard to get out of. Now I use a real towel to dry and go into this.

“It turns something bad into something interesting”: Lauren Curtis about her three most useful objects | Beauty

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