Italy turns into far-right woman Giorgia Meloni and is on the brink of history

In contrast, with their main opponents, the Democrats, five star movement, remains bitterly divided due to the Five Star Movement’s role in overthrowing the Draghi regime. If both parties form an alliance, they at least have a sporting chance. Apart from that, they are doomed.

She’s only 45, but it took Meloni a long time to rise to the top. When the National Alliance held government positions with Berlusconi in her mid-1990s, she was becoming the leader of the party’s student movement. She was already a remarkable achievement for a woman in the misogynistic world of Italian politics in general. .

Elected to the House of Representatives in 2006, before he turned 30, Meloni founded the Brothers of Italy in 2012 with a handful of allies and has been a key figure ever since.As viral video “I’m Giorgia. I’m a woman. I’m a mother. I’m Italian. I’m a Christian.”

In 1996 she wrote of Mussolini, “Good politician, in the last 50 years there has not been anyone like him.”today Meloni denies any connection between her party and her fascist heritage. state In August of this year, the Italian right relegated fascism to decades-old history. At the same time, a quick search will bring up many pictures of members of the Brothers of Italy. perform a fascist salute.

Italy’s democracy is unlikely to be endangered under a far-right government, especially given its central location in the European Union. Expect tougher rhetoric and measures on immigration and crime, along with opposition to


What we do not anticipate, however, is a major shift in favor of Russia. Salvini and Berlusconi of the League are longtime friends of Putin, but Meloni has stressed Italy’s position in NATO and supports continued arms supplies to Ukraine.

As the woman who chairs the Prime Minister, Meloni will represent something new in Italy despite her past echoes. will face. She is the woman in charge of Italy and the far-right politician leading Western democracy in times of economic and military crisis. If successful, she could rule Italy for a generation.

Sophia Amasari PhD Researcher in Political Science from Griffith University. Duncan McDonnell Professor of Political Science at Griffith University, Brisbane.

Italy turns into far-right woman Giorgia Meloni and is on the brink of history

Source link Italy turns into far-right woman Giorgia Meloni and is on the brink of history

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