iText provides open source PDF technology for developers and business users

Look around the office. Paper can have uses, but in most cases companies are embracing digital documents, such as the versatile and powerful PDF format.

Previously, nothing beats handwritten signatures on paper, but digital signatures and security have evolved to the point where digital documents are accepted as part of the business and become ubiquitous.

However, there are still challenges, such as how to create, manipulate, process, archive, protect, sign, and extract large amounts of data from PDF.

It’s easy to guess that there are many tools that can achieve these results, but few have the ability to do so with different licensing models.

iText provides a PDF library for integrating PDF generation and manipulation capabilities into your application.

You’ve most likely come across a PDF that has been processed in some way by the iText code. The difference with iText is that it works with the backend to allow organizations to perform tasks such as generating, processing, and manipulating large numbers of documents.

iText is also a company that has embraced open source software for the past two decades, unlike competitors who often keep their software and solutions completely closed source.

Many companies are looking for open source software partners because they understand that innovation and creativity come from the open source community. The community thoroughly reviews and tests the software. In other words, the bug will be resolved immediately.

Closed-source software can play a practical role in some situations, but you may not want to publish it, especially in the government and financial sectors.

That’s why iText offers both the open source AGPL and the commercial licensing model.

The AGPL is the Affero General Public License, which allows developers and organizations to use and modify iText applications and source code software through free code.

Open source is a great way to publish your software code to the world, and the iText PDF library is free to use under the AGPL.

There are conditions for using the AGPL-based code, including the requirement to disclose all source code obtained from the AGPL and source code that belongs to your organization’s own products and web-based application integration.

In addition, developers should only use iText’s open source products in an AGPL licensed environment. These conditions were devised so that the code remains open source and applies only to software that is also open source.

For developers and organizations that prefer to maintain full control of their code, the iText Commercial License gives users the protection of their intellectual property and the support and support of development professionals.

iText is more than just a company that provides developers with PDF libraries. We are also working on a set of PDF tools for business users. These tools include iText DITO, a data-driven template-based PDF generator. This allows both developers and non-developers to quickly create and maintain templates for PDF generation using an intuitive browser-based editor.

On the other hand, iText pdf2Data makes it easy to access the data locked in the PDF. It provides a simple framework for recognizing data in PDF documents based on the rules defined in the template.

So whether you want to be free to help developers write their own iText-based source code, or just want a low-code solution to get things done, iText has something to do with it.

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iText provides open source PDF technology for developers and business users

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