Jailed Peruvian riot leader released

The leader of Peru’s failed 2005 nationalist uprising has been released from prison after serving time on charges of leading the rebellion.

Antauro Humala’s release has sparked the prospect of him re-emerging as an influential political leader in the South American country.

The 59-year-old is the brother of former president Ollanta Humala and was the leader of the so-called ethnocaselist movement, which advocated for marginalized Peruvian indigenous peoples to seize power.

The group draws varied influences from the ancient Inca Empire, 19th-century war heroes, and the left-wing general who led the 1968 coup.

In 2005, Antauro rioted in the southern Andean city of Andahuaylas, where he and his followers occupied a police station for several days.

The confrontation left four police officers dead and Antauro imprisoned.

After his release, Antauro said, “We are clearly out and can say that we are proud of what we have done (in our rebellion) in Andahuaylas.”

Antauro is best known for his uprising, but he and his brother Ollanta also led a smaller uprising in 2000.

Ollanta was president from 2011 to 2016 and repeatedly refused to pardon his brother. He left Antauro’s political position and ruled as a centrist.

The two grew up in a middle-class family in Lima, where their father Ulises pushed them to become political leaders.

Antauro sought to maintain political relevance from prison by forming alliances with Peruvian political parties.

According to local media, he still maintains a following, with a small number of supporters waiting outside the prison for his release.

Current President Pedro Castillo spoke favorably during the course of the campaign about the possibility of pardoning him.

Jailed Peruvian riot leader released

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