James Bond is more than a (sexist) secret agent and he is a god of infertility

“History is not kind to those who play God,” James Bond tells Supervillain Safin in a trailer. I have no time to die..

The release of this movie has been postponed further until April 2021. Daniel Craig’s Swan Rhyme has been marked as 007, and speculation continues about who the next Bond will be. Is it Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, or a woman?

Bond has long been criticized for his sexist attitude, even Judi Dench’s M GoldenEye (1995) Dubbed him as a “sexist, misogynistic dinosaur.” But what if you look at him through the prism of Greek mythology? Is Bond really a modern incarnation of Dionysus, the god of wine, joy and fertility?

In Greek mythology, the gods punish the mortal for the sin of arrogance. In our pop culture Pantheon, Bond is a god.

Dionysus traveled through the ancient world, sometimes by boat and sometimes by winged carriages, on the islands of the Aegean Sea. Bond also orbits the globe at home on a yacht or helicopter in the same way. But the tank he chose is the Aston Martin.

That logo? A pair of wings.

Wine secrets – and martini

Wherever Dionysus went, he began his followers with the secrets of winemaking. Wherever Bond goes, he begins a mixologist with the secret to creating the perfect Vesper martini.

Ian Fleming Diamonds forever (1956), Bond tells the bartender to pour three majors of Gordon’s gin, one of vodka and half of Kinalile, into a deep champagne goblet in combination with a thick slice of lemon zest.To Casino Royal (2006) he added that the martini must be shaken “until the ice cools”.

Both Dionysus and Bond were experts in when and how to serve alcohol. IMDB

Unlike the mortal, Bond’s extraordinary consumption of alcohol does no harm to him, and certainly he is welcomed as the “best shot of the Secret Service.”

In a 2013 novel study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers estimated that Bond consumed an average of 92 units of alcohol per week, peaking at a maximum daily intake of 49.8 units. did.

There was a day when Bond abstained — 12.5 out of a total of 87.5 days — but mainly because he was taken prisoner.

Disguise weapon

Dionysus carries Cyrus: a staff member at the tip of a sacred pine cone wrapped in vines. Cyrus is a symbol of the cock and is sometimes displayed with a Kantharos wine cup to indicate female sexuality.

Pottery: Red statue Belcrater: Dionysus, Satyr, Manado
Greek pottery from 400 to 380 BC depicting Dionysus (center seated) surrounded by worshipers. © British Museum Trustee, CC BY-NC-SA

The combination of the two created a powerful expression of fertility and reproduction. Dionysus also turned his thymus into a dangerous weapon by secreting an iron tip at its tip.

As a secret agent, Bond hides the Walther PPK pistol in a hidden holster, but one of his deadliest weapons is disguised as a cigarette. This is a strong symbol of sexual cohesion in the film, and smoking cigarettes means the completion of mating.

Sean Connery has a cigarette in You Only Live Twice
Indirect smoking is the least worrying of you when facing Bond with cigarettes. IMDB

To You live only twice (1967) The villain makes the fatal mistake of making Bond the “last cigarette.” A rocket-propelled bullet was found to be attached to the tip, proving that tobacco is not only deadly to smokers.

Owned gods

Dionysus was very attractive to his female believer, Manado, who immerses himself in frenzy to be possessed by God. Similarly, Bond is chased by a herd of beautiful women such as Pussy Galore, Plenty O’Toole, and Honey Rider.

80's women's collection surrounding Bond
Bond – here Timothy Dalton of Living Daylights (1987) – finds himself surrounded by devoted women. IMDB

As with the minuses, dedication to Bond is dangerous.To 007 Dying slave (1973), Bond girl Solitaire loses her spiritual power after a passionate kind of close encounter with Bond and becomes the target of Baron Heroin, Dr. Kananga.

To Gold finger (1964) Jill Masterson was punished by the villain of the same name for betraying him to Bond and died of skin suffocation when he covered her with gold paint.

This brings a new spin to Midas’s myth that Dionysus wants to bless the king’s wishes with a golden touch, but it’s a curse, and it’s impossible to even eat or hug his daughter without turning it into metal. I found that there is.

Ecstasy and death

In ancient Greece, number 7 was sacred and consisted of number 3 (heavenly man) and number 4 (heavenly woman). Therefore, the Secret Service Bond number — Agent 007 — is the perfect number to represent the god of fertility today.

007 Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh
Pythagoreans believed that three were men and four were women. Their unity in 007 makes perfect sense. IMDB

Like Dionysus, depicted in a variety of shapes, from old-bearded gods to long-haired youths, Bond appears in a variety of shapes, from David Niven to Daniel Craig on the straps.

But regardless of his age or physique, Bond’s dual Dionysian nature results in divine ecstasy in bed, or brutal death to his enemies.

Dionysus almost dies before he is born, but his father Zeus saves him. He then returned from death after being dismantled by Titan.

Bond says, “You live only twice, once when you are born and once when you witness death.”

Like Dionysus, Bond is back in Skyfall (2012) After he was accidentally shot by Moneypenny. The bullet penetrates his body and drops him off the train into a waterfall, where he sinks to the bottom. But Bond is immortal. He will come back to save another day.

When it finally reaches the cinema I have no time to die It will be the last hurray for Craig, but the gods will not die. Bond will stay alive.conversation

Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan, PhD Candidates and Authors, Deakin University

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James Bond is more than a (sexist) secret agent and he is a god of infertility

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