Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Georgia Wedding Weekend

Jennifer Lopez When Ben Affleck They’re doubling down on their marriage vows in a decidedly more elaborate affair.The couple officially wed in Las Vegas wedding upper chapel July 17th — celebrate their love over the weekend with friends and family in Georgia, according to —. multiple outlets.

Ahead of the festival, sources said people The weekend consists of pre-wedding parties, ceremonies, and “lots of fun.”overhead shot obtained by TMZ A photo of Affleck’s Riceboro home showed a white outdoor structure with flower trees installed, according to E! News, Colin Cowie is reportedly the mastermind behind the shindig event, his planner and the ceremony’s officiant is Jay Shetty.

The couple was also photographed with their children, including Affleck, in nearby Savannah on Aug. 18. The kids original and Jennifer Garner — Violet (16), Seraphina (13), Samuel (10) — and one of Lopez twins original and Mark AnthonyEme (14).

first dated in the early 2000s, Married in 2004 before parting.they rekindled their romance Engaged in this past in 2021 April.

In an entry in the “On the JLo” newsletter she opened about her Las Vegas wedding, Lopez said, independently confirmed by POPSUGAR via her marriage license, “It was the best wedding we could imagine. It’s something we dreamed of a long time ago and became a reality (in the states, Las Vegas, pink convertibles, and in each other’s eyes) for a very long time.”

“When love is real, all that matters in marriage is to love each other, to care, to understand, to be patient, to love each other, to promise each other good things. We had it. Ours.” life,” she wrote.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Georgia Wedding Weekend

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