Jennifer Lopez Was Against Co-Headlining at the Super Bowl

In its new case Netflix “Half time,” Jennifer Lopez explains why he is opposed to the NFL plans to have two leaders at the 2020 Super Bowl. The Grammy-nominated artist joined the stage Shakira in what is the historical period for Latina representation. However, after-the-scenes Lopez was frustrated about his ability to make an impact during the show due to his small time and Shakira was divided into.

Following the documentary premiered at the Tribeca Festival in New York City, Entertainment Weekly published details about the incident in which Lopez referred to his predicament as a leader. “We have six f * cking minutes. We have 30 seconds of a song, and if we use one minute, so we have five parts. But there must be some song that we sing, But we have to. We have to sing during our singing time, it’s not going to be a dance f * cking revue. We have to sing our words, “Lopez told his music director Kim Burse. “This is the worst idea in the world to have two people make a Super Bowl. It’s the worst idea in the world.”

It was as if Lopez’s stress was never with him Shakira, but rather with the NFL and the small amount of time given to every performer. At a later time, Shakira and Lopez were seen discussing how much time they all had to sing. Lopez complained that the NFL should be given 20 minutes, which would be the same as the half-time show.

“They said 12 minutes. I was well assured that we could have an extra minute or two, so now we are at, like, 13, 14 minutes,” Lopez told Shakira. “I think, Shakira, what we have to have is you have to have half time and I have to [have half]. If it would be a two-headliner, they would have given us 20 minutes. That is what they need to do. “

Among other sources, “Love Has No Value” singer-songwriter Benny Medina struggled with the decision to have two themes as well. “Usually, you have a head of the Super Bowl. The headliner creates a show, and, they have to choose to have other guests, that’s their choice,” Medina said. “It’s a criticism that you want two Latinas to do the work that a historian has done.”

However, despite his problems with time constraints, Lopez is still very happy the end result of the Halftime show. In an interview Feb. 2020 with Jimmy Fallon of “Tonight Show,” the singer shows how much the show means to him. “I got the feeling because we did, we worked very hard. We started rehearsing in November for my set. It was just, every day … it was a short time,” he said. said. “You know what I mean, but too much into that moment. But it was hundreds of people, they put those stages together in seven minutes and then you get into it, and you rock. It’s just crazy. It’s huge. And I’m just happy that everyone likes it! That’s why I want it. “

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Jennifer Lopez Was Against Co-Headlining at the Super Bowl Source link Jennifer Lopez Was Against Co-Headlining at the Super Bowl

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