Joe Biden says polls say “Chicanelly” is the only way he can lose US elections

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden added that he would accept the outcome of the election after saying that “Chicany” was the only way to lose in the 2020 election.

“Be sure to vote,” the former Vice President told voters in a suspension of campaigns in Pennsylvania.

“The only way we lose this is because of the Chicany being done in connection with polling stations.”

Mr. Biden said President Donald Trump is trying to discourage voting by questioning the safety of voting by mail and telling supporters to “go to vote and watch very carefully” on election day. Stated.

Before leaving Pennsylvania, Mr Biden clarified his comments to reporters, saying his remarks were “a little out of context.”

“I will accept the results of this election, the period,” he said. “I was referring to attempts made to influence people and scare votes. You shouldn’t pay attention to them.”

media_cameraJoe Biden says Donald Trump attempts to “steal” the election. Photo: Robert Schmidt / AFP

Biden reiterated that if Trump didn’t win the election, he would “steal” the victory.

The Biden campaign oversaw the November 3 elections and recruited hundreds of attorneys and volunteers to prevent confusion.

When asked if he would accept a peaceful transfer of power at the first presidential debate, Mr. Trump postponed and instead denounced widespread postal voting.

Before that, reporters were putting pressure on the president. “Would you like to win, lose or draw in this election? Do you commit here today for a peaceful transfer of power after the election?”

Mr. Trump replied: “We will have to see what happens. You know I’m complaining very strongly about voting, and voting is disastrous.”

He continued. “Remove the ballot and it will be very peaceful. Frankly, there is no transfer. There is a continuation. Voting is out of control. You know it, and you know it, who does it more than anyone. Do you know or know? The Democrats know it better than anyone else. “

This article was originally published on Fox News and has been reproduced with permission.

First published as Biden revealed that he could lose to Trump

Joe Biden says polls say “Chicanelly” is the only way he can lose US elections

Source link Joe Biden says polls say “Chicanelly” is the only way he can lose US elections

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