Joe Biden Shatters Campaign Financing Record, Net $ 383 Million in September

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that his campaign raised $ 383 million in September. This is a huge amount that smashed the funding record he set just a month ago.

“Thanks to everyone who chipped a few dollars last month-thanks,” Biden wrote on Twitter and called one of the grassroots supporters. “Thanks to your support, we have raised an incredible $ 383 million. I am incredibly humble.”

September figures surpassed the record high of $ 364 million for Biden’s campaign and related committees set in August. The past record of a month’s funding in the presidential election was Sen at the time. Barack Obama’s $ 193 million take in September 2008.

The Biden camp also said it broke the record of contributions in an hour after the first presidential debate last month, earning $ 3.8 million in just 60 minutes.

Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Mary Dillon, is on Twitter, with former Vice President Donald Trump’s bid to leave the bank for $ 432 million, just under three weeks before the November 3 election. Said.

Trump’s campaign has not yet released his funding figures for September, but he must submit a campaign funding report by Tuesday. According to Open Secrets, the president raised $ 210 million in August and had $ 156.9 million in cash at the time of the report.

But these numbers are far from the president’s nine-digit cash advantage over Biden earlier this year. The New York Times reported last month that Mr. Trump’s reelection efforts were on the verge of a cash crisis in less than two months, with over hundreds of millions of dollars in luxury spending.

Biden has accused the president in recent months, especially since he chose Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

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Place of originJoe Biden Shatters Campaign Financing Record, Net $ 383 Million in September

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