Jordan Peterson burst into tears over Olivia Wilde’s comments on Piers Morgan’s show

Dr. Jordan Peterson broke down in tears during an interview after discussing comments Olivia Wilde made about him.

talk to interview magazine about her latest movie don’t worry darlingthe actress and filmmaker explained that the character of Frank, played by Chris Pine, was based on a Canadian psychologist.

“We based that character on Jordan Peterson, this insane guy who is this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community,” she told the outlet.

The star explained that incels are “most white men who have been disenfranchised and believe they have the right to have sex from women.”

“This man, Jordan Peterson, is someone who justifies certain aspects. [the incel] He’s a former professor, an author, and wears a suit, so they feel this is a true philosophy that should be taken seriously. ”

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during an episode of Piers Morgan Uncensoredcan be streamed flasha split psychologist was asked how he felt about Wilde basing his “crazy” personality on him.

“This insane man, the pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community, the incel, is in many ways a despicable strange loner. Are you? Are you an intellectual hero to these people?” asked Sky Newshost.

“Of course. People have been following me for a long time because I was talking to a young man.

At that point, the controversial commentator burst into tears.

“Did you think marginalized people should speak up?” he said through tears.

Morgan said the topic makes self-help authors emotional.

“God, you know.

“And you get these casual insults, these ‘incels’ – what does that mean?

“It’s like these men. They don’t know how to be attractive to women. Women are very picky, which is good for them.”

“Women are picky eaters. It’s your gift, man. Demand high standards from your man. All right. But all marginalized men are lonely, don’t know what to do, It’s like everyone is being abused.”

Morgan asked the media personality if Wilde’s comments “stung” him.

“Oh, back then it was kind of low-level as far as criticism was concerned,” Dr. Peterson said.

“So when I was portrayed as the ‘Red Skull,’ you know, it was like a magical Super Nazi and the end of the insult.

“There is no better place. I thought I would go see it, and maybe I would. It didn’t bother me.”

Dr. Peterson said he and his family spoke don’t worry darling and responded to the film with a “degree of humor” that people misunderstand.

“I said, ‘If I had to be played by someone, Chris would [Pine]…a very handsome man,” he said.

“I think that’s okay, but then I said things like, ‘I hope he gets my fashion style choices right when he plays me,’ but that was a joke.” It was all a joke. ”

Jordan Peterson burst into tears over Olivia Wilde’s comments on Piers Morgan’s show

Source link Jordan Peterson burst into tears over Olivia Wilde’s comments on Piers Morgan’s show

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