Joshua Knight arrested for the death of New Zealand firefighter Ian Pouren


After extensive investigation and numerous public complaints, 29-year-old Joshua Knight was arrested at the Newcastle Police Station around 10 am Wednesday.

On Wednesday, he was charged with murder, death from dangerous driving, post-mortem suspension and failure to assist in a vehicle crash.

He was detained, appeared in the Newcastle District Court on Wednesday, did not apply for bail, and was denied. Mr. Knight’s issue will then be heard in the same court on December 10.

Phullen’s wife, Vicky, said last year that her husband was fun, affectionate and easy to love. “One of the good guys”.

“Ian was more than a hit-and-run victim,” she said. “Everyone liked Ian. He was happy, cheerful and always smiling.

Ian Poolen’s wife, Vicky, said her husband was “a good man.” credit:Facebook

Police sought further information last month after an anonymous caller stated that the vehicle allegedly involved in the incident had returned to the scene shortly after the collision.

The occupants allegedly got out of the car, approached him while he was still alive, and then ran the car again.

Detective Matthew Zimmer, a crime manager in the Hunter Valley Police District, thanked the community for his support, but said he could not comment further as the investigation continued.


In 2019, a $ 350,000 bounty was announced for information that led to the arrest and conviction of Mr. Pullen’s death. It is unclear whether recent information provided to the police will be eligible for compensation.

Investigation is underway under Strike Force Awabakil.

For more information, please contact the 1800 33 3000 Crime Stopper.

Laura is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Place of originJoshua Knight arrested for the death of New Zealand firefighter Ian Pouren

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