Justin Roiland: Rick and Morty co-creator’s domestic violence charges dropped

Domestic violence accusations against Cartoon Network adult series co-creator Justin Roiland rick and mortywas dropped in California on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said, “We dropped the charges today because there was insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.” of new york post.

post A Roiland representative, 43, has been reached for comment. A spokeswoman for Cartoon Network parent company Warner Media declined to comment Wednesday.

The network cut ties with Roiland in January after news of the accusations broke.

“I always knew these claims were false, and I had no doubt that this day would come,” Royland said in a statement posted to Twitter on Wednesday.

“While I am grateful that this lawsuit has been dismissed, I am still deeply disturbed by the horrific lies that have been reported about me in this process.

“More than anything else, I am disappointed that so many people have made a quick judgment without knowing the facts, based solely on the words of an ex-husband who was indignant and tried to force me to ‘cancel’ by ignoring due process.

“It’s a shame that it could have been even partially successful. But now that the lawsuit is over, I can move forward and focus on both creative projects and restoring my reputation.” I am determined to

The two-time Emmy Award winner, who voices the show’s eponymous characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, has been convicted in 2020 of one felony felony of domestic assault involving bodily injury and one count of threats, violence, and violence. Charged with one felony count of false imprisonment for fraud and/or deception. .

The indictment stemmed from an alleged attack on an unidentified woman Roiland was allegedly dating in early 2020. Roiland had pleaded not guilty.

After Roiland was released on $50,000 bail in August 2020, records show he was arraigned in October of that year.

NBC News first reported the accusations in January.

rick and morty It debuted in 2013 and aired its sixth season last year.

Adult Swim announced in January that it had severed ties with Roiland, assuring fans that a “competent and dedicated crew” was working on Season 7 of the animated sitcom.

Roiland also launched a Hulu program opposite of the sun and Koalaman In addition to video game releases high on life Sale of NFT collections and artwork.

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first published as Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s domestic violence charges dropped

Justin Roiland: Rick and Morty co-creator’s domestic violence charges dropped

Source link Justin Roiland: Rick and Morty co-creator’s domestic violence charges dropped

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