Kangaroo predicts AFL Premiership winner as Queensland’s Holy Grail kicks a goal

More than 100 enthusiastic fans gathered in Bundaberg to welcome the prestigious AFL Premiership Cup.

The so-called “Holy Grail” is touring on its way to Gabber, Queensland, for the historic 2020 Grand Final on October 24th.

Barry Gibson is AFL’s football operations manager in Queensland and is responsible for ensuring that the cup can move safely.

He is sleeping with a cup.

“It was great and there were so many people here in the Bundaberg bus park that I didn’t think the smiles and joys were great.”

AFL fans go to the Bundaberg Bus Park to see the Premiership Cup.(((ABC News: Scott Lamond)

Bundaberg joined the tour late after requesting Mayor Jack Dempsey directly from AFL boss Girion McClaclan to give Lamb the opportunity to host the cup.

Bundaberg is considered the center of the rugby league, but the AFL hopes that such visits will encourage participation in grassroots games. Cr Dempsey is lobbying for better facilities.

“We are trying to improve the AFL and cricket infrastructure.”

A word from the manufacturer

Vincent Formosa has personally handcrafted Premiership Cups each year since 1986.

It takes up to 120 hours to make each one, and the main ingredient is brass.

“We try to make them the same, but they are never the same,” he said.

“The outside is silver-plated, the inside is 24-carat gold-plated, and the oak leaves are also made of gold.”

AFL Premiership Cup Close-up
The AFL Premiership Cup has a 24-carat gold plating on the inside and oak leaves on the outside.(((ABC News: Scott Lamond)

Formosa, who lives in Melbourne, said he was grateful that Queensland had won the Grand Final as the AFL season revived after the coronavirus shut down.

“We were blocked and it would have been very frustrating without the AFL and the Queensland Government. The game makes us honest.”

The first ever cup was presented to the devil’s captain Ron Barassi in 1959. Previously, the team was awarded a flag.

Kangaroo Molly chooses Geelong

Four jerseys were presented to a kangaroo named Molly when Cup visited the beaches of Cape Hills Barra near McKay earlier this week. It was Geelong Cats that bounced.

Over time, it will be clear whether roo correctly predicted the 2020 Premiership winning team.

The next destination for the Cup is Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast before the start of Grand Final Week in Brisbane.

Kangaroo standing next to the Premiership Cup on the beach
Kangaroo “Molly” predicts that Geelong will win the cup in 2020.(((Attachment: AFL)

Place of originKangaroo predicts AFL Premiership winner as Queensland’s Holy Grail kicks a goal

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