Kate and William at the Commonwealth Games show where Meghan went wrong

Every gin joint in the UK, a cheesy drawing room, a back room in a Chelsea pub, a kitchen in Norfolk, a private members club. Whoever thought of the 22nd of all possible backdrops for some deeply illuminated royal moments. Commonwealth Games in Birmingham?

The first happened outside the train toilet. For real.

Matthew Syed is a journalist and Commonwealth Games gold medalist. This week he and his son Ted were traveling to the game to catch some action. Times Tells a truly amazing story about travel.

“5 minutes before pulling in [the Birmingham station], I use the bathroom while Ted waits outside (we are traveling first class). I hear him talking to a woman on the porch as I do my own thing.

“While I use the soap, they continue to chat, then tap and then to the dryer. Judging by the laughter, they seem to be having a good time… By the time I’m done, Only a few minutes away from the station.

“Come on, Ted,” I said.

“Oh, thanks for hanging out with him,” I said, turning to the waiting woman. [for] When I stop, it’s her turn. Her brows wrinkle, her face moves. “Kate?” I mumbled. There are no security guards in the forecourt. There are no armed guards.But here Duchess of Cambridgehappily chatting with my son.

We then move on to the second moment in which Kate’s husband makes an appearance. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge At an aquatic center soaked in chlorine.

The Duke, Duchess and daughter Princess Charlotte joined in for a swim on Tuesday. rice field.

Now, both of these instances can be filed under “Oh, isn’t that nice?” An example of two people who may be destined for a coronation and a crown, but don’t let their high office turn their heads.

But all this is Tom Bauer’s Revenge: The War Between Meghan, Harry, And The Windsorsfull frontal takedown on page 464 Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

and this week William and Kate story? What about those two simple, short interactions with the masses? Well, they’re on their way to highlight one of his key arguments. That said, Meghan’s expectations of royal life have been a world away from reality, which is often unglamorous: In private, he’s better off chatting politely outside of public restrooms than Jett and Pol his Roget. Please think that there are many.

At the heart of Bauer’s book, as Meghan, dressed in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of couture Givenchy, ascends the aisles of the 15th-century St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, she almost understands. that they did not learn or had little interest in learning. About the legendary institution she was a part of.

After years of failing to get out of the B-list, she was finally on her way to becoming one of the most famous women in the world. It’s that their assumptions were markedly different from what was actually going to come next.

According to Bauer, even before Handel’s opening tune, Eternal Source of Divine Lightthings were off track when she was performed on her way to the altar.

Before their engagement, when the couple was dating, Bauer said:Harry’s Meghan’s request for a dedicated female bodyguard was approved, and at one point, Meghan met the Duke “on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport with a police escort”.

“Meghan flew out of the airport to Kensington. This was exactly the ultra-celebrity lifestyle she’d been craving all along.”

Then, already before the big day, Meghan “confused being famous with being royal,” he wrote. and is expected to be one of modest patronage for personal gain.

Meghan’s misunderstanding that Bauer read the situation was that she fundamentally misinterpreted her royal worldwide fame for Hollywood stardom, becoming a duchess and leaping into stardom’s highest stratosphere Nonetheless, she automatically didn’t deserve the treatment Beyoncé deserves.

Take the issue of extravagant gifts. Bauer writes: House planned to bequeath a handbag, shoe, or accessory to Kensington Palace in the near future. These items would be treated as goodwill gifts, a spokeswoman said.

“In the past, gift offers for Kate have been rejected on the principle that the royal family does not accept freebies. Meghan’s staff didn’t seem concerned about that rule.”

A veteran biographer says the Duchess “began to realize that the British monarchy, which cost its people just £85 million (A$148 million) a year, was neither the rich nor the invincible luxury Rolls-Royces. will not be until 2019,” he wrote. machine. The power and influence she thought she had gained from marrying Harry was an illusion. ”

That same summer, one particular Meghan case made international headlines. Attending Wimbledon with a few friends, their party was a sea of ​​empty seats for the match, unlike when Kate attended regularly and sat in the stands in the middle of other tennis fans. I was sitting in the middle of

At one stage during the game, when a man sitting in the section in front of Meghan stood up and was about to take a selfie with the players, one of the Duchess’ protection officers asked her to take a picture near her. I warned him aboutTo daily mail.

Former BBC sports commentator Sally Jones was also courtside.

“I was tapped on the shoulder and told not to take pictures of the Duchess, until then I had no idea she was there. I was absolutely disgusted,” Jones said. said. Post.

Duchess Meghan resented (or someone on her team) anyone trying to take a picture of her, even though she decided to sit in a public place with live TV cameras, the shady diva. It looked like behavior like .

Contrast that scene with this week’s events in Birmingham. In each case, a member of the royal family is at the sporting event, but it shows his two very different approaches to royalty.

After all, what William and Kate seem to basically understand is that royalty is not the same as celebrities. It’s not about getting specials, preferential seating, or four-figure accessories in your wardrobe for free. It’s about tedious devotion to duty, however repetitive and often tedious it may be. (How many times in her life do you think the Queen has asked “And what are you doing?”? The number is in the hundreds of thousands, she can confidently say.)

The meat and potatoes of royal life aren’t jetting off to New York for an A-list baby shower held in a $100,000-per-night hotel suite, but to hospital wing openings and glamorous pensioners. I’m sitting

In fact, HRH is also a civil servant, but he doesn’t have to contend with home branded tea bags in his office kitchen.

This is not a secret of any kind. This is not insider knowledge. So why wasn’t Meghan more prepared?

One of the things the Duchess of Sussex pointed out in her infamous Oprah Winfrey interview last year was that she “didn’t do any research into what it meant” to marry into the royal family. did.

“Everything I needed to know, he shared with me, so I didn’t feel the need. Everything we thought I needed to know, he You were talking to me,” Meghan said.

It turned out to be a bit of a mistake, didn’t it?

An intelligent and educated woman gave up her career, adopted her homeland, took in one of her dogs and all her friends, moved around the world, and devoted her life to an ancient facility she knew nothing about. is defying all logic.

Even with a quick Google search, she may have stumbled upon the excellent article “What Kate Needs to Know” written in 2006 by Princess Diana’s Patrick Jeffson. I imagined what advice his old boss would give the young lady.

Jepson claims that Princess would have encouraged Kate to “go easy on conspicuous consumption” and that “modesty should be your watchword.”

he wrote: Try not to overlook the valuable symbolic value of the Tupperware box and cultivate the famous enthusiasm for turning off unnecessary lights. ”

The piece (you can read here) is basically a very sensible warning. I can’t think of royal gold ornaments. Understand the nature of the work and keep doing it.

If only Meghan had read Jeffson’s work. Had she gone into royal life with a clearer sense of what she was signing up for. That’s not to say we didn’t try to inject stuff, but we’ve been forewarned.

If Meghan was googling, you might have stumbled upon the famous essay written by journalist and satirist Malcolm Muggeridge in 1955. Applying it would ultimately have “disastrous consequences,” he argued.

He also said that the monarchy is “an institution endowed with respect for and armed with unreal power.”

and in the former case suit If the stars had read any further, they would have known that Muggeridge’s response to the essay was so swift and furious that they banished him from the Garrick Club. (Quere Horror!)

Is it not for the faint of heart to challenge the monarchy, but to participate in it? It’s for people who like riding trains, making small talk with the public, and pretending they like watching a competitive bowl.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working on major Australian media titles.

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Kate and William at the Commonwealth Games show where Meghan went wrong

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