Keilor, 80, thinks of Porsche after making $110,000 in 10 minutes

Keilor’s 17 Hislop St sold for $1.27 million in an unexpectedly strong auction this week.

An 82-year-old Keilor woman is considering buying a Porsche after winning $110,000 within 10 minutes of a lottery-like auction.

Glennis Thurgood is 17 Hislop Street The house she bought for $450,000 in 2005 sold for $1.27 million Wednesday night.

Priced at $170,000 above the high end of the four-bedroom price guide, she called the sale “incredible.”

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Keilor’s glass-domed home features a rooftop pool and two 4-car garages

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“Our first bid was $1.16 million, and we got $1.27 million. We made $110,000 in less than 10 minutes,” says Thurgood.

“Better than Tatzlot”

An unexpected bonus means you can take a vacation and buy a new car before moving to the Retirement Village.

“My daughter was telling me when to order a Porsche,” she added.

17 Hislop St, Keilor - Herald Sun Realty

This cozy property has been home to Thurgood since 2005.

17 Hislop St, Keilor - Herald Sun Realty

Bright decor throughout the 4 bedroom home.

Thurgood began talking to his agents about the sale days before the Reserve Bank of Australia’s first rate hike in May. “But people who want to live in Kaylor seem to really want to live there, and they don’t seem to be affected by rising interest rates,” she said.

Bruce Warburton, director of Brad Teal Essendon, said it received 70 inquiries in its first two weeks on the market, and a $1.15 million offer earlier this week. The original plan for the auction went awry.

“Even if we got there early, there were four people registered for the auction,” Warburton said.

Ultimately, the 585 sqm property was sold primarily at land prices. Warburton said buyers who bid during their Airlie Beach vacation would bulldoze and build their dream homes.

“It could be a $2 million, or even $3 million project when it’s done,” he said.

The sale bucks an established trend in which buyers prefer renovated homes with all the work done, with delays and rising costs making renovations and new construction unacceptable for many families at this time. I’m here.

17 Hislop St, Keilor - Herald Sun Realty

Thurgood was at home watching the online auction with his daughter.

17 Hislop St, Keilor - Herald Sun Realty

The 585-square-meter block suited many buyers’ plans to build their dream home.

“But being in the Village, one of the best streets in Caylor, helped,” Warburton added.

“That part is very well received.”

Buyers had been looking for years, only competing when homes matching the desired profile became available.

“They were reluctant buyers who acted quickly when the right property came along,” Mr. Warburton said.

“And very few things like this sell.

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Keilor, 80, thinks of Porsche after making $110,000 in 10 minutes

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