Kim Kardashian Reveals Body Fat Percentage: ‘Athlete Category’

Reality star, billionaire businessman, lawyer, and now “athlete.”

Kim Kardashian, 41, has revealed her overall body fat percentage, or lack thereof, and told fans that she falls into the revered “category of athletes.”

Mother of 4 shared Instagram She had a body composition test by the US company BodySpec, which showed that she had only 18.8% body fat.

according to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, what is considered “healthy body fat” varies with age. For Kardashian, women aged 40 to her 59 are considered healthy when they are between “23 percent and 33 percent” of total body fat.

The athlete category, on the other hand, falls between 14-20%.

Elsewhere in the results, Kardashian further claimed that her bones were stronger than “93-97%” of people.

Kardashian, who first made a name for herself thanks to her voluptuous figure, has slimmed down significantly in recent years after switching to a plant-based diet.

However, her extreme methods of achieving her figure often sparked controversy, most recently when she revealed her Rapid weight loss to match Marilyn Monroe’s original gown At the MET Gala in May.

On the red carpet she said she lost 7 kg in just 3 weeks To match the iconic Jean Louis gown Monroe wore In 1962, he sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.

in an interview with Allure In July, SKIMS founder defended the movelikens himself to an actor preparing for a role.

“If I was starving and doing something really unhealthy, of course I would say that’s not a good message,” she began. Never drank more water, I don’t see any criticism when others lose weight for a role — they are [considered] their technical genius. ”

Kardashian further admitted that “more than 90% of people on this planet” care about their appearance, adding that she’s learned to be more carefree these days, but she still has one thing on her body. The side is “hate”.

“I’m okay with not being perfect. It wasn’t before. I hate my hands. They’re wrinkled and uncomfortable,” she said.

first published as Kim Kardashian Reveals Body Fat Percentage: ‘Athlete Category’

Kim Kardashian Reveals Body Fat Percentage: ‘Athlete Category’

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