Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post may hint at the end of the Brazilian butt lift

More than any other technique, plastic surgery has defined beauty culture in the last decade.

But if you’re okay with Kim Kardashian’s recent social media posts, the days of the Brazilian butt lift may be coming to an end.

ever since trend In (doubtful) 2014, we were officially declared to be in the Big Ass Age. BBL (which involves removing fat from the belly, hips, or thighs and strategically injecting it into the buttocks) has steadily become a widespread cultural phenomenon. .

Between 2015 and 2019, the number of procedures in the US increased by 90.3%. According to the American Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the surgeon said that in 2020 he performed 40,000 BBLs (also known as buttock augmentation surgeries) on her, bringing in $140 million worth of revenue.

around the world in the same year International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery We found a 77.6% increase in the number of times it took place worldwide since 2014.

Patricia Garcia writes, “Big booty is now officially everywhere” trend.

“In music videos, Instagram photos, and today’s most popular celebrities, measures of sex appeal go hand in hand with the prominence of a woman’s back.”

But in recent months, as beauty standards have moved away from overly prominent, overly exaggerated aesthetics, of TikTok#clean girl makeup trends) and low rise jeans When miu miu mini skirt Invading our wardrobes, speculation is growing that BBL may count its days as the world’s fastest growing plastic surgery (albeit one of the deadliest).

Enough to see the Kardashians — her naked derriere broke the internet when she appeared on the cover eight years ago paper Magazine – I wonder if that’s true.

Over the past six months, both Kardashian and her sister Khloe have long suspected that fans underwent BBL to achieve their famous hourglass figures. Show off a slimmer physique with a more balanced waist-to-butt ratio -spark rumor They reverted the claimed procedure.

July article from absentmindedly The sisters’ supposed move “sees whether it is a sign that whites are ‘retiring’ from blacks after years of profiting and appropriating from the beauty, body and culture of black women.” I thought it over.

This is Ellen Atlanta face Who suggested “go with her” last week Divorce from Kanye Westshe Increased involvement in US politics and her Legal trainingKim Kardashian has moved away from her overly sexualized aesthetic and leaned toward a more conservative image of middle-class beauty.

“This is important because many of the Kardashian beauty paradigms were colonized. It was an aesthetic stolen from minorities,” Atlanta added.

“The commodification of the body shape that many black women naturally have and the distortion of how it looks, especially since these characteristics are most appreciated in white or light-skinned women, is the reason for appropriation. reinforce the phenomenon.

“Thus, doing away with the overt BBL in favor of the ‘Country Club’ alternative encoded a racist message that we normally attribute to Black and Latinx women. Are associations not as ‘conservative’ as they should be in a middle-class space?

“As the female body (particularly that of minority women) is increasingly controlled, commoditized, and desexualized across America, the shift toward more conservative beauty aesthetics is becoming increasingly polarizing. It is no coincidence that it runs parallel to the prevailing political climate. Overthrow of Roe v. Wade And racial tensions escalated. ”

Leslie Reynolds and Dr. Amer Khan, founders of British plastic surgery clinic Harley Street Skin, said: face The procedure “isn’t going away anytime soon, but we’re starting to see a decline in people trying to get a BBL.”

“While it wasn’t something that had to be done commonly before, we’re seeing an increase in requests to cancel the procedure,” the pair said.

“The main reason is that people may not like results that are tailored to the current beauty landscape.”

2017 study puts the global BBL mortality rate at a staggering 1 in 3000, but the original procedure is far less dangerous than the original procedure, removing fat from the desired area, We use liposuction and fat grafting to reduce the patient’s overall silhouette.

Reynolds and Dr. Khan said, “The concern is that some people are more comfortable about whether or not to have surgery to check because they know these surgeries are reversible. ” says that.

Dr. Alan Matarasso of the American College of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons agreed, saying: face “I don’t know yet if the BBL will maintain its popularity this year, but I’ve seen people say they were disappointed with the look and wanted to change it.”

“We’ve found that a lot of people considering BBL right now don’t want the extremes we’ve seen,” he added.

“People get excited at first because it’s a relatively new concept. Then we see where it fits. Both surgeons and patients are becoming more conservative in their approach.”

As with most other cosmetic procedures, the apparent appearance of BBL inevitably fades, becoming increasingly common and undetectable.

Reynolds and Dr. Khan said, “There are fewer people than last year who want to look like they have BBL.

“There’s a growing tendency to look clean and straight, like in the early 2000s.”

As Atlanta put it, the end of the BBL era, which created “the illusion of curvaceous women being accepted,” could also herald a resurgence of ’90s heroin chic and the ensuing “pro-ana” movement, an aesthetic. . One of them, her, is making waves all over social media again.

“Harmful fashion trends, especially of the 2000s, are often ingrained in diet culture, fueling the weight loss frenzy,” said Tom Quinn, external relations director at British eating disorder charity Beat. . absentmindedly Earlier this year.

“If the glorification of this era were to spread again in the mainstream media, it would be extremely harmful to those who are prone to and may contribute to the development of disordered eating.”

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post may hint at the end of the Brazilian butt lift

Source link Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post may hint at the end of the Brazilian butt lift

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