King faces the reality of the Thai rebellion with a new ban on protesters

However, protesters shouted in the King’s convoy on Tuesday after 21 protesters were arrested. On Wednesday, some protesters slowed down the convoy carrying Queen Suthida after giving a three-finger salute and telling the police guarding the vehicle to “go out.”

The three-finger salute hunger game Books and movies, symbolizing opposition to the ruling government. Earlier this year, protesters wore costumes that resembled the character of. Harry potter Movies and books.

Protesters have flowers and three-finger salutes. Thousands of rebel protesters gathered near the government building on the anniversary of the mass uprising in 1973, leading to the expulsion of the military dictatorship. credit:Alison Joyce / Getty Images

The government acted after protesters blocked the royal convoy after protesters set up camps outside the Prime Minister’s Office and demanded their resignation.

“Because a group of many people invited an illegal public rally in Bangkok and seemed to incite … they took harsh actions that affected the royal convoy and affected national security … It is very necessary to introduce emergency measures to end this. Effectively and swiftly the situation to maintain peace and order. “

A document was attached that banned large-scale rallies from 4 am local time and provided measures to ban access to areas designated by the authorities.

It also prohibits “disclosure of news, other media, and electronic information, including messages that may be misleading, fearing or deliberately distorting information, or affecting national security, peace and order.” I will.

Protesters against democratization cheer "regain" Democracy Monument during the rally.

Protesters of the democratic movement cheer as they “regain” the Democracy Monument during the de Chikka / Getty Images

According to Human Rights Watch, 21 out of about 200 protesters were arrested on Tuesday, including protest leader Jatupat “Paida Odin” Boon Patara Laksa.

“The Thai government’s dissolution of a peaceful democratic protest at the Democracy Monument in Bangkok proved the protesters’ allegations,” said Brad Adams, director of Asia at Human Rights Watch.

“The accusations against the protesters have been withdrawn and they should be released immediately and unconditionally.”


Prime Minister Prayut, a former military general, came to power in 2014 and subsequently claimed power in a suspicious March 2019 election.

After taking the throne in 2016 after the death of his beloved father, the king personally managed several military and palace assets worth tens of billions of dollars.

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King faces the reality of the Thai rebellion with a new ban on protesters

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