Kiwi defends Whitacre’s chocolate after translating creamy milk block into Maori

Shoppers in New Zealand vowed to buy the popular chocolate block in bulk to irritate critics who labeled the brand’s new label “too eye-opening.”

Whettaker’s has revealed that it will be introducing a special edition packaging for one of its most popular chocolate blocks to celebrate Maori Language Week on Tuesday.

From 22nd August, creamy milk will be translated using the official Māori language, Tereo, and will be called Milaka Kirimi.

However, the decision to temporarily change the famous gold and blue rapper has been criticized by some.

Whittaker’s chief operating officer, Matt Whittaker, said the family-owned business hopes the label will contribute to the “revitalization” of the native language, whose use has declined significantly in recent years.

“This label was translated to te reo with the assistance and guidance of Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori, a friend of the Maori Language Commission,” said Whittaker.

“It is our hope that this label will contribute to the revitalization of Te Leo in New Zealand and that New Zealand chocolate lovers will enjoy Miraka Kirimi blocks with their friends and whanau (extended families). I hope that.”

He also noted that many customers have received “a lot of support” ahead of a special edition Miraka Kirīmi block created to celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Maori Language Week) from September 12-18. I emphasized that I shared

“We are proud to celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori as a family-owned business that manufactures all of its world-class chocolates in one factory in Porirua, New Zealand.

However, some argue that the new rapper is “too much”, while others promise to buy an extra bar to piss off “racists.”

“Whitakers, you are a class act. Love this,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Why are people so mad about te reo chocolate wrappers? I think it’s sick AF. so we can buy a new bar and replace the outer layer with a tele one every time,” said one Twitter user.

Māori-language presenter and content creator Sonny Ngatai called the move “great”, adding that he hopes more brands will use their native language for their supermarket products.

The backlash reportedly began when prominent New Zealand right-wing commentator Cam Slater shared an image of the new rapper.

His posts piled up, with some even comparing the new label to “mandatory injections.”

“Unfortunately Mr. Whittakers, I will no longer be buying your chocolates,” wrote one.

“Do we have to translate everything into Mali (sic),” added another.

However, Maori Language Commissioner Professor Lawinia Higgins welcomed Brock’s release.

“To those complaining that this is too much for our country: the reality is that other parts of New Zealand have already taken that step,” she said.

“Eight out of ten of us see te reo as part of our Kiwi identity, and one in three know they can speak more than a few words of Māori.

“Young New Zealanders are helping drive change. They are not intimidated by seeing or hearing tereo.

first published as Whitaker’s new chocolate block relabeling hailed amid ‘racist’ backlash

Kiwi defends Whitacre’s chocolate after translating creamy milk block into Maori

Source link Kiwi defends Whitacre’s chocolate after translating creamy milk block into Maori

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