Knives out at NSW Liberal Congress

Despite the purge, Mr. Kamensri is clearly influential within the party.

Meanwhile, in a minor coup, the faction managed to gain support. John Howard For the president’s favorite picks, Phil Argy.

credit:Joe Bank

strong economy

We have been secretly monitoring the former prime minister. Scott Morrison Forced to readjust to the insults of backbench life. In the latest episode, a lonely Morrison was spotted flying from Canberra to Melbourne last Friday, put his suit in a dry-cleaning bag and landed in the 6th floor (window seat) of a Qantas economy flight. Shuffled. The Chancellor’s plane was known during the Morrison era, so it’s pretty much down from Shark One.

And to add to his resentment, he had to outrun a new Labor MP Karina Garlandsat in the aisle, but seemed less than thrilled to get up to pass him.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. In Melbourne, Morrison was able to spend quality time at ‘Jen and the Girls’, which she described as ‘absolutely magical’ at Lume Van in her gallery where she attended a Van Gogh exhibition. did.

Cry me a Rio

The CBD informed us about the hottest Friday luncheon in town last week – an $85 luncheon hosted by the Mining Club of Melbourne with a special address from Australia, the CEO of Rio Tinto. Kelly Parker.

Parker was drafted after mining giants destroyed a 46,000-year-old indigenous rock shelter in the Zhukan Valley in 2020. It seems the aftermath of the cultural vandalism is still being felt.

Parker, a Rio veteran of more than 20 years, got very emotional when the CEO asked about her legacy at lunch.

“The events in Jukang were tragic, not just for the PKKP. [local Aboriginal community] Traditional owners and Aboriginal Australians, but very tragic for the employees,” she said.

“What drives me every day is to be able to take back that pride…and I hope people will be proud to wear a Rio Tinto shirt. It’s my driving force.”

Can anyone think of the poor Rio Tinto employees!

forster entry

Berlin’s Techno Den Berghain is one of the world’s most inaccessible nightclubs and a Liberal supporter. Christine Forster Sister of Tony Abbott, was no exception to the list of aspirants.she and her wife Virginia Flitcroft During my recent vacation, I was abruptly refused entry with the usual “Nain!”

But, unusually, the pair spoke back. “What? Are we too old, too lesbian, too Australian?” they asked. They danced for hours on the techno floor.

“It was great,” admitted Forster.

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Knives out at NSW Liberal Congress

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