Labor opposition demands blockade of “circuit breaker” when Britain’s death toll exceeds 100

Under the strictest levels of Johnson’s improved coronavirus restrictions, British restaurants, schools and colleges remained open.

The system contrasts with advice from a government scientific adviser known as SAGE, saying that a two-week blockade of a “circuit breaker” could bring the epidemic back in “about 28 days or more.” Stated. It is said that multiple circuit interruptions may be required to continue to control the infection rate.

Boris Johnson resisted the new blockade, saying the public saw the second national stay-at-home order as “extreme.” He also supported comments by a British envoy to Dr. David Navarro of the World Health Organization and urged world leaders to “stop using blockades as your primary control.”

There is a social distance sign next to the traffic light before the Liverpool bar, gym and club blockades are

According to SAGE, closing pubs, restaurants, and gyms has a small impact on reducing reinfection rates, about about as compared to school closures, which can reduce reinfection rates by 0.2 to 0.5 percentage points. It drops by 0.1 or 0.2 percentage points.

The government previously set a reinfection rate target of less than 1 when deciding to ease the blockade. Currently between 1.2 and 1.5.

Starmer said the government had “lost control of the virus” and demanded a blockade of circuit breakers similar to those imposed on British people in March, but this time it left the school open.

Labor Party leader Sir Kiel Starmer.

Labor Party leader Sir Kiel

“The prime minister did not act on this advice. There is no longer any time to give him suspicious interests,” Starmer said in a rare press conference.

“I need another course … A set of clear and effective temporary limits designed to reduce R rates and reverse infection and hospitalization trends.”

Mr Starmer said the prime minister would get Labor support for the new blockade, so he shouldn’t be afraid of his own lawmakers.


Johnson addressed the 1922 Conservative Party Committee on the Backbench via Zoom, dismissing Starmer’s call and saying Labor leaders were “playing politics.”

Johnson faces a small rebellion from lawmakers who want the government to relax restrictions and allow individuals to have a greater say in their choice.

Tory MP Chris Greene has resigned from his position at the Foreign Ministry, saying Bolton’s blockade in his area failed and caused more harm than illness.

In a letter to Prime Minister Green, Mr. Green said, “If the threat of COVID-19 is first suggested, it will justify not only physical and mental health, but also damage to livelihoods and businesses. “.

“I know that this new pandemic virus poses a serious but little-understood threat, but we’ve learned a lot since it first appeared.

“I now believe that the treatments attempted are worse than the illness, and that no solution is offered by high-dose vaccination during this second six-month phase.”

According to WHO, 34% to 700,000 new cases were reported in Europe last week.

The United Kingdom, France, Russia and Spain accounted for more than half of the new infections.

In the Netherlands, the government has closed all hospitality and banned the sale of alcohol after 8 pm.

Italy and France have restrictions on parties and restrictions on restaurants and bars.

Latika Bourke is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, based in London.

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Labor opposition demands blockade of “circuit breaker” when Britain’s death toll exceeds 100

Source link Labor opposition demands blockade of “circuit breaker” when Britain’s death toll exceeds 100

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