‘Lack of vision’ led to Lib election loss

Morrison’s previous government lacked a long-term vision, sent mixed messages about climate policy and lost public trust, the Liberal Party’s Youth Division said.

Australia’s Young Liberal Movement has blamed rising political scandals, inaction in key public policy areas, and the treatment of women as reasons for its loss in May’s elections.

In a submission to the Liberal Party campaign review being conducted by Senator Jane Hume and former U.S. Secretary of State Brian Lafnen, Wings of Youth advocated for the economy, climate change, integrity, youth, women and equality. It lists 20 issues spanning the containing issue.

The group said voters’ perceptions were undermined by “systematic public attacks” by some traitors against the coalition’s climate policy.

“Combined with the failure to inform the public of the positive actions the Morrison administration itself is taking, climate change has become a top election issue,” the filing said.

The Free Nationals lost 18 seats in the May elections, with 5.7% of the votes against nationwide.

A failure to attract, retain and promote women within the Liberal Party was also a key part of the election loss, he said, adding that the party had previously voted fewer women in the 2022 election than it did in 2019. The submission noted that it had been selected to

“The Liberal Party lacks a national strategy or plan for women and instead focuses on ‘firefighting’ technology, often with the best of intentions but failing to deliver long-term results. .

The election review will give the party the ability to learn from mistakes made by the previous administration, Young Liberals President Clark Cooley said.

Youth Wing recommends that parties recruit at least 50% women in future election candidate lists.

“There is much to be learned from the election, including climate change, political integrity and the vast lack of leadership on the empowerment of women in Australia,” Cooley said.

The ministry also said the previous government failed to appeal to younger voters.

Liberal Party volunteers were left disenfranchised leading up to the elections, especially in New South Wales, where Scott Morrison hand-picked candidates instead of having his branches elect candidates.

The ex-prime minister’s call to commanders was a “grave distraction” and did not revitalize party members and volunteers, the filing said.

‘Lack of vision’ led to Lib election loss

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