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With more than 3,000 TEDx events held each year around the world, TEDxSydney, the first in-person event in three years to take place this weekend, is widely considered “the best event,” said Cheryl Bart. says.

A successful Jewish attorney and company director, Bart is the chairman of TEDxSydney.

“TEDxSydney has consistently delivered one of the largest and most productive TEDx events in the world,” said Bart. AJNMore.

“We’ve done it consistently every year since 2010, without a break.

“Looking at the range and depth of speakers in between, we see that all the major current issues in the world are covered, as well as ideas and talks that are ahead of their time in terms of content and innovation.

“To quote Chris Anderson, Head of TED, TEDxSydney has demonstrated outstanding leadership and is considered the gold standard for TEDx networks worldwide. It has a high reputation for quality.”

Bart said TEDxSydney’s mission is to connect people with ideas and has always had specific programs for young people.

“TEDxSydney is Australia’s leading ideas platform,” says Bart.

It is also a community of people and organizations who share a belief and passion for the power of ideas to change perspectives, lives, and ultimately the world. “

“The global TEDx movement is best known for amplifying ‘ideas worth spreading’ that arise from local communities. Licenses are granted to cities, not countries, and some cities host smaller events, while others host significantly larger events. “

For aspiring members of the Jewish community who want to be on the TEDx stage, Bart said they should come to TEDxSydney and “be part of our community.”

“We can also respond to calls made throughout the year asking to attend pitch nights,” she added.

“If they are selected, an amazing team of TEDxSydney curators will work with them, culminating in one of our amazing talks streamed.”

Bart attributed the success of TEDxSydney to its leadership, the spread of ideas, and the “great” sense of community it created.

“I love the amazing TEDxSydney team, the volunteers, and of course the board of directors who work together to create the main event each year and the many events throughout the year,” said Bart.

“It is inspiring and educational. It is through the dissemination of ideas and subsequent lively discussion, along with the leadership roles and communities we have created, that we can solve problems.”

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Leading Ideas Platform Returns – Australian Jewish News

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