LG’s new TONE Free wireless earbuds feature Dolby Atmos and Dolby Head Tracking

LG has dedicated to God a new pair of wireless earbuds known as the LG TONE Free, and included in the range are two models, the T90 and TF8, which feature the company’s latest audio innovations.

The T90 flagship model is the world’s first Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds to support Dolby Head Tracking for all your entertainment. Dolby Head Tracking retunes sound as you move your head for a more natural audio experience and new levels of immersion.

The TF8 fitness model features SwivelGrip technology that keeps each earbud securely and comfortably in place during exercise.

With a new improved build, superior battery life, and premium audio technology that delivers an immersive listening experience, the new LG TONE Free wireless earbuds demonstrate the company’s continued investment in audio innovation, consuming regardless of your passion. improve people’s lives.

“At LG Electronics, we are committed to providing audio products that enhance the everyday sound experience of Australians. We have continued to innovate to provide a range of wireless earbuds that is the perfect fit.

We are excited to announce the world’s first wireless earbud technology with Dolby Head Tracking.TMs A model designed to be the ideal workout companion. With unique features that Australians love, such as UVnano and ‘plug and play’, his latest TONE Free lineup truly demonstrates our dedication to creating premium, user-focused audio products. is shown. ”

Tony Brown, Marketing Manager, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics Australia

Partnership to bring innovative technology to Australian ears

LG continues to partner with experts and, on the audio side, continues its long-standing relationship with surround sound audio technology leader Dolby and UK-based high-fidelity audio pioneer Meridian.

Through these partnerships, the TONE Free T90 flagship model will bring new and improved audio features to Australian ears this year, including Dolby Head Tracking. For an immersive audio experience, the LG TONE Free T90 models are the world’s first wireless earbuds with Dolby technology.

When combined with Dolby Atmos content, Dolby Head Tracking further enhances the listening experience by providing incredible detail, depth and clarity. Additionally, the LG TONE Free T90 model is the first to feature an audio virtualizer designed by Dolby specifically for earphones. This is an advanced solution that extends the spatial dimension of stereo entertainment.

Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) technology joins numerous audio technologies to mimic the natural acoustics found in Meridian high-end speaker systems to provide a full, natural soundstage with a clear center image.

New construction and materials provide a comfortable listening experience

Additionally, the LG TONE Free T90 model features a new driver unit that integrates graphene, a premium material that dampens vibrations and enhances sound clarity. Created in collaboration with his POSTECH Ergonomic Design Technology Lab in South Korea, the LG TONE Free T90 model has an optimized shape and reduced weight for a better fit in the ear, allowing users to wear the earphones for longer periods of time. can.

Perfect for a long day’s work, LG has incorporated a new technology in the T90 model called Voice Pickup Vibration Conduction Sensor that detects and minimizes ambient noise when the user is speaking.

The new LG TONE Free TF8 model offers crystal-clear audio and intuitive features for fitness enthusiasts, allowing users to enjoy curated workout playlists. Incorporating SwivelGrip technology, the shape of the earbuds ensures each one stays securely and comfortably in place, while the lightweight design promotes air circulation for comfort and breathability during the most intense workouts. The TF8 fitness model is designed for exercising on rough terrain and is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance so you can work out with confidence.

Listening full of presence realized by next-generation audio technology

For enhanced immersion, the LG TONE Free T90 and TF8 models are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), while the T90 model is equipped with Double Step ANC Algorithm and Real-Time ANC Optimizer. By leveraging new filters with higher sampling rates to more effectively cancel external noise, the algorithm is able to detect howling and minimize annoying and distracting feedback. Meanwhile, the Real-Time ANC Optimizer (T90 model) automatically adjusts ANC performance by analyzing the actual position of the earphone inside the user’s ear via an internal microphone.

Improved battery life and features Australians are familiar with

Low battery anxiety is a real concern when it comes to portable technology, so LG has designed its new LG TONE Free wireless earbud range with the consumer in mind.The T90 model lasts up to 9 hours on a single charge. You can use it and the case itself will give you up to 20 more hours of use and up to 29 hours of listening enjoyment.

Meanwhile, for those ready to work out, the TF8 model offers up to 10 hours of battery life, with up to 30 hours of use in the charging case. Both models deliver up to 1 hour of playtime with just 5 minutes of charging in the case, making them ideal for when users need quick and convenient charging.

Joining the LG TONE Free wireless earbuds lineup again in 2023 is a UVnano charging case that keeps the eartips clean. Using UV-C LEDs built into the case of both LG TONE Free models, they have been tested to reduce bacteria in the eargels of the earbuds by 99.9% in just 10 minutes when charging.

LG has brought plug-and-play functionality back to the T90 model, improving usability in all use-case scenarios. With the included USB-C to AUX cable, you can connect the case to your radio, treadmill, in-flight entertainment system, and various other AUX inputs to enjoy the wireless freedom and premium sound quality that LG TONE Free offers. can do. wireless earphones.

This popular feature has been enhanced for the T90 model, adding a convenient new voice chat feature perfect for conference calls or chatting with friends in-game, allowing users to stay part of the conversation wherever they are.

LG TONE Free wireless earbuds (T90 and TF8 models) support JB Hi-Fi and

LG’s new TONE Free wireless earbuds feature Dolby Atmos and Dolby Head Tracking

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