Lisa Curry talks about her daughter Jami Kenny’s “danger signal” in a social media post

Olympian Lisa Curry talks about the “danger signal” seen by her deceased daughter, Jami Kenny, years before her tragic death at the age of 33.

Ms. Curry said her daughter was diagnosed with a “chemical imbalance” when she was a teenager and died after “years of ups and downs.”

“I know people want to know why and how, but it doesn’t matter at this point. Perhaps I don’t,” she writes.

“But what I say is that Jeff (Butterworth) diagnosed her as a chemical imbalance 18 years ago when we started seeing some little red flags.

“Sometimes even adults like us can ignore the little red flag, thinking it doesn’t matter, or it doesn’t matter.”

Kenny, the daughter of champion swimmer Curry and Iron Man Grant Kenny, died on September 14 after a private health battle.

In a post published to the Happy Hormones Facebook group on Monday, Curry said he was still working on the death of his eldest daughter.

“We hugged Jami when she took her first breath and her when she last took a breath. I still can’t believe it, it doesn’t seem to be real.” She said.

“It gave me the heaviest heart. One day I couldn’t get out of bed or even work.”

She told the people in the group, “It can slowly erode your entire body to the point where you may not actually be alive,” she said. I urged not to ignore the “danger signal”.

Signs of those warnings include poor food choices, lack of attention to stressful situations, inactivity, living with or around toxic people, and which you are with others. It included “small negligence in life” such as how to interact.

“Don’t wait until it’s too late to make changes … go as soon as you can … get started now,” she said.

“Recognize the little red flag. Don’t live your life in turmoil, regret, or guilt.”

It has been widely reported that Kenny has suffered from depression and alcohol abuse in recent years after her partner Lacy Crosley died in 2017.

“I lost the fight due to a long-term illness and died peacefully in the hospital,” her parents said in a statement confirming that Kenny died in September.

Curry will say later The· Saturday Telegraph Her daughter died after a “long and complex alcohol-related health battle.”

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