Lismore Residents Demand Release of Flood Survey Report

“If we’re talking about the size and scale of Lismore LGA alone, there’s no council anywhere that can afford that partial funding,” Krieg said.

A block of private land outside Lismore has been identified that could be used for permanent relocation of flood-affected residents, Krieg said.

Steve Krieg on the streets of Lismore in the days after the darwin

“There are people who have been sitting in the right land for a long time and are saying now is the time to open it up,” Krieg said.

The council said in May that about 1,000 homes would need to be rebuilt from the floodplain at a cost of $400 million.

According to Resilient Lismore, a grassroots organization that supports recovery, the challenge with buyback and land swap schemes is meeting demand.

“A lot of people are ready to go,” said coordinator and Lismore City Councilman Ellie Bird. “They are just waiting to see what the government will provide before deciding what to do.

“We know Queensland has moved very quickly with its buyback and land exchange program, but we are waiting here as well.

“We want to see it [independent inquiry] report. That’s our report, that’s the submission that we made, and we want to see the results. ”

Krieg also called on the government to release the report in full, saying his community needed certainty after being up in the air for five months.

“People are waiting for this report before making big decisions about their homes and businesses.”


Labor State MP Janelle Saffin said the purchase price in the buyback plan should be based on pre-flood property valuations, which was the opinion of residents.

Many of Lismore’s flood-affected areas are low-socioeconomic areas, Schofield said, and buyback or land-swap plans ensure that people have enough money to pay off their debts and start over. I needed it.

”If you still need to pay the bank [exit] Fixing mortgage terms, buying land and building buildings would be out of reach for 90% of people in North and South Lismore. ”

She returned to her home in two rooms, but without walls. She and her neighbors said they were frustrated waiting for details on what assistance would be available.


“A week living like this is very long. It’s incredibly stressful. A lot of people are really worried about their future.”

She ideally wants to participate in a land swap and move house with her.

“Many of us have beautiful old homes that were built 120 years ago, some of which are still in very good condition. .

“If we had a magic wand, I think there would be a good percentage of people who would stay pretty close to where they are now, just a short distance from the flood.”

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Lismore Residents Demand Release of Flood Survey Report

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