Liz Truss May Follow Trump, Move British Embassy to Jerusalem Israel

Liz Truss has said she is considering moving the British Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps.

At a meeting held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the prime minister told Israeli interim leader Yair Lapid about “reviewing the current location” of the building, according to a Downing Street statement.

The status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Palestine most sensitive issues in a long-running conflict.

East Jerusalem has been considered an occupied Palestinian territory under international law since the Six Day War in 1967.

Like the majority of the international community, the British position to this point was that divided cities should host consulates rather than embassies. final peace agreement was achieved.

Trump’s 2018 Fulfillment Election manifesto Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital sparked international condemnation and led to protests and clashes in which Israeli forces killed dozens of Palestinians.British Prime Minister Theresa May criticized the move at the time.

On Thursday, Israel’s prime minister thanked the Truss for saying it was “positively considering” the move. “We will continue to strengthen the partnership between the two countries,” he said.


Version: אבי אוחיון, לע״מ

— Leaf-Yair Lapid (@yairlapid) September 22, 2022

Truss appears to have first publicly expressed his thoughts on moving the embassy in a December 2018 letter to the Friends of the Conservative Israeli Parliament. Tory Leadership Campaign during the summer.

she wrote: I had many conversations with my best friend… Rapid on this topic. Acknowledging that, I will be reviewing moves to ensure that we are operating from the strongest base within Israel. ”

In an altercation with the CFI, she vowed: That’s what I’ve been doing as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of Trade. I don’t just talk, I take walks. ”

At the House of Commons on September 6, when backbench Conservative MP Michael Fabricant was pressed to follow the US and move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Foreign Affairs Minister Amanda Milling said: I am aware of the possibility of revision, but I will not speculate further on this point. ”

Her remarks suggest the review is just beginning, but supporters of the move within the Conservative Party say the Trump administration has set a precedent that makes the proposal more controversial than it was a few years ago. He claims that it will be less. unzip the relationship Between Israel and some Arab countries following the Abraham Accords.

I contacted Downing Street and explained how long the review process would take.

Outside the United States, only three states – Kosovo, Honduras and Guatemala – have Israeli embassies in Jerusalem, which moved from Tel Aviv after the US move.

Liz Truss May Follow Trump, Move British Embassy to Jerusalem Israel

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