Lizzo sends a powerful four-letter message in a Billboard Music Awards dress

If the message of Lizzo’s Billboard Music Awards speech wasn’t clear enough, her dress needs to clarify things.

After winning the Top Song Sales Artist Award on Wednesday night, a “Truth Hurts” singer in a black dress with a white “voting” print called for enthusiastic action.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about oppression and the voices that refused to oppress,” she said. “If there wasn’t a big black woman who refused to suppress her voice, would I be standing here now?

“I’d like to say now, if you’re looking at this at home and thinking about changing yourself to feel worthwhile, this remains true to who you are. It’s your sign for. “

“Let me tell you everything,” she added. “When people try to suppress something, it’s usually because it has power. They are afraid of your power. They have power in who you are. In your voice. Is powerful, so use your power, use your voice, and refuse to be oppressed, whether it is due to music, protest, or voting rights. “

Lizzo has been nominated for 11 categories at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. She was an advocate for voice voting, using her huge platform to encourage fans to vote in the November 3 elections.

Earlier this week, she incentived her fans with a video of her tinkering in her “Auntie Sam” outfit. And after the first presidential debate in September, she posted a video encouraging people to “register, vote, vote, and know your power.”

Place of originLizzo sends a powerful four-letter message in a Billboard Music Awards dress

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